Drunk Because Of The Antioxidant Resveratrol In Red Wine

drinking red_wine for antioxidentsSome red wines have been proven to increase your lifespan. Resveratrol is an antioxidant which is known to give character to any red wine, but also seems to have the ability to protect one’s cell membranes while warding off certain diseases. Resveratrol appears to have a built in “genetic” switch as well, which controls how quick we age.

So please, quick, top up my glass with the Pinot Noir. Can’t just get enough of my newest health food that is red wine.

Most have long heard of what’s known …

Stop Spending So Much Cure Your Chronic Buying Impulses Now

woman  who may be spending too muchSo you’ve finally decided to get your shopping and your poor spending habits under control. You stand up and declare: “I’m a problem chronic impulsive spender and I want to get it under control!” You ultimately decide that the only thing that you would purchase is groceries and necessities and nothing much else.

But then, just three weeks later, you suddenly click on an email link which has an unbelievable six-hour blowout sale, and then impulsively, you purchase a pair of those red designer shoes. This then once again automatically …

Buyers Guide Finding A Smartphone To Fit Your Needs

The Difference Between A Smartphone And A Standard Cellphone
Although there’s no real textbook definition, Smartphones are the “smarter” sibling which allows you to directly connect to the Internet to browse the Web or manage your email. They also allow you to run software which are known as apps, while also having powerful multimedia capabilities allowing you to play videos, games and music, while allowing you to take more vivid photos and record breathtaking videos.

What Is A Mobile Platform
A platform refers to the mobile phone’s operating system, …

Is Exposing Yourself On The Internet Going Too Far

internet privacy and online-stalking issuesIs your personal privacy even important to you any more. It’s becoming an almost archaic notion because of our constantly expanding digital culture that we live in. How many people, complete strangers, are now able to access your secure or intimate details about your life, such as your birthday, your income, where you vacation, your frustrations and rants about work, or your love life.

This not because of social interaction, actual phone conversations or meeting with someone face to face, but because of our constant status updates on the …

The Psychology Of Losing Weight Why It Never Works

my before and after diet pictureI’ll begin my new fab Diet right after the holidays…
There you are, now in your early thirties, married with a small child. You also have a bit of a weight problem which you struggled with your entire life. As you like to say, “I obviously take after my dad and his side of the family.” Your mom as well as your sisters take on her side as they’ve always been thin. They are slim to a fault and are able to eat just about anything they want. But my …