As If I Know… The Top 10 List Of What And What Not To Do In Relationships

For most of us who’s been intimately involved in a relationship with someone beyond that infatuation stage, we all know that relationships can be like a time bomb or a roller coaster ride. When things are going good, then they can be very good. When things start to sour, they can get very, very bad. Here is a Top 10 List.. one for women and one for men, on the ten things to do or not to do in relationships.

For Men

Things To DO
1. Always listen intently to your partner without offering any advice if she doesn’t …

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How You Can Attract Everything That You Desire Effortlessly – Really!

Well It’s Can Be As Easy As – Just Being As Simply Irresistible As Possible

How You Can Attract Everything That You Want And Desire Effortlessly!
1. Try creating an environment that naturally pulls yourself forward towards something, leaving issues like discipline and commitment not being an option. Being pulled forward is very attractive, but pushing forward is not.

2. Over respond to every thing that you do. By going over the top and responding, rather than overacting, you are evolving, which is attractive.

3. Build energy reserves in every facet of your life. Having just enough is not …

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Which Is A Better Mountain For Skiing: Whistler Mountain or Blackcomb Mountain… Well Both!

The world famous and renown, Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, situated just hours north of Vancouver, Canada, is known as on of North America’s leading ski resorts. These two mountain ranges rise majestically over a valley to produce one of the best skiing conditions available anywhere in the world, with well over a vertical mile up to the peak. So imagine if you had just a single day to ski. Which mountain would you choose? Some will head for the Whistler Village Gondola or the Creekside Gondola, both which head up Whistler Mountain, while others will head for the Excalibur

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Try Selling Your Used Car Privately To Get Top Dollar

So despite the current economic turn down, you decide you’re in the market to purchase a brand new car. So your immediate thought is trading in your existing used car at the dealership. If you are short of time, or are okay to losing potentially hundred to thousands of dollars, then go ahead and exchange your existing car for a new one at the local dealership. If you do so, one advantage you have is you save on the trade in portion of the sales tax. So say if you receive a $2000 trade in for your old car,

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First Give Unto Others And You Shall Receive All That You Want

If you are like most, then you have this tendency to wait for other people to fill in your needs. “Waiting for others”, to do something for you is not a very good trait to have, and it causes pain and stress in your relationships.

Stop Relying So Much On Others
At the beginning of any new relationship, it seems like you are getting the full undivided attention and everything else you’ve been longing for. Something that you’ve experience since early childhood: affection, love, tenderness, excitement, attention, and energy.

You think that you have finally found your ultimate match,

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Use A Proxy Service – When In Case You Want To Surf The Internet Anonymously

Privacy is and always will be an issue on the inter-web, and it is and should be a right for anyone who surfs the internet. Heck, that’s why bathrooms have doors and locks, debit cards have PIN codes, libraries have cubicles… all to protect your privacy. So it’s really no surprise that everyone expects privacy and security when surfing the Internet. A lot of people actually think their online browsing activities are entirely anonymous, because after all, no one can really see you on the World Wide Web, right? Well, no!

Unfortunately, that is far from the truth. Internet

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ZoneAlarm Asks – How Are Computer Viruses Spread By Mainstream Media?

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite - Try Us Free

If you listen and believe everything you hear in the media, there seems to be an awful lot of viruses going around. No, not the human body type, but the viruses that enter via the internet and play havoc on your computers operating system. Oh yes that type.

What mainstream media, radio, print or television news reports often don’t bother telling you is that the majority of these so called “viruses” are not really viruses at all. They would rather capitalize on the sensationalism.

So What Really Are Computer Viruses
One of the main reasons why the mass media

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Ten Tips for Smarter Shopping During the Holiday Season

Well, it’s definitely that time of year, the time when for all those who don’t like shopping, are being forced to get out there and do the holiday gifting thing. Although in some places, it may still be warm outside, but the store displays now feature Santa Claus, Christmas trees and ‘Silent Night’ blaring from the speakers, hopefully putting you in the mood. So it may be wise to set up a plan to refine your shopping techniques for this holiday season. Try not to make the same mistakes that you’ve made in years past, such as: standing in

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For Red Wine Lovers – It’s A Classic Taste For Any Time

Wine Enthusiast - Ultimate wine accessories site!

For those absolute wine connoisseurs, red wine at this time of year, or anytime for that matter, is an essential taste and requirement that satisfies the palate every time. But for some, when it comes to serving or drinking red wine, it can get a tad confusing as to what type of wine is right for the occasion. There are a wide variety of grape types that are associated with wine production and because of that, you can find yourself a little bewildered when faced with what to choose.

To optimize the pleasure and experience, red wines need the

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Ho Ho Ho… Who Cares About The Economy This Christmas Season… Spending And Consumption Is Still High

Do you know or realize how many actual turkeys are feasted on during the Christmas holiday season? Here are some interesting facts regarding the excessive volume of fowl eaten, how many xmas cards are sent, and much more stats you really don’t care about.

Christmas Cards
Everyone still enjoys sending and receiving Christmas cards in the mail right? Heck yes, its a long standing tradition. So how many of these paper cards, envelopes with stamps get send every season? The trusty mail service estimates there are approximately 2.1 billion of these Christmas cards sent just in the United States

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