How To Fix A Slow Computer Without Spending Any More Money

whymycomputer is so slow and sluggishSo you’re sitting there and staring intently at your computer screen, why oh why my dear PC are you so slow. We have all experienced this at one time or another as the computer machine slowly plugs away. Well, there is help, there are ways and methods on how you can troubleshoot the problem and possibly even find a quick fix solution to speed it up.

Along with pondering important life altering questions such as, where do lost socks go when doing the laundry, or do stairs go up or down? Why is my computer running so slow is …

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Google+ Plus With Circle Sharing – The Good The Bad And The Invites

googleplussocialnetworkingGoogle in it’s quest for online domination is taking another swing at social media by introducing their Google+ social networking service. Is this the final answer in their hopes and their never ending journey to compete with Facebook. It’s a new and unique innovative users platform which takes a different approach towards social media. This by allowing you to control how you decide to ‘share’ with others.

Those who were confused or even completely turned off by their previous attempts by Google when it came to social networking, such as Wave and Buzz, should be pleasantly surprised by the …

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The Best Smartphone Apps For Improving Productivity At The Workplace

the-square-appissocoolRegardless of the type of Smartphone you own, there is no doubt that it’s the availability as well as the selection of apps, is what makes the mobile device great. So whether you use apps from Google’s Android Market or from Apple’s App Store, it’s a daunting task for you to decide which are the best apps that you need to improve your productivity at the office.

So a survey of opinion was taken on what the favorite apps were to use in the workplace. Listed are the most popular apps for smartphones which run on: Apple’s iOS, Google’s …

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Why The New Apple iPhone 5 Smartphone Will Be The Best Ever

theappleiphone5previewApple went out and completely revolutionized a newer and better electronic “mousetrap” by developing the mobile smartphone. They constructed an interactive mobile phone which was able to connect to the internet among other usable functions. They practically invented a brand new segment of mobility when they introduced the iPhone. So the latest and greatest Apple iPhone 5 should be no different. You know that you’re doing something right when the industry that you’ve created develops a handful of “copy-cats,” who are cutting into your overall market share by competitors such as the Android OS Smartphones, the Blackberry and the …

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How The Mighty Apple iPad Tablet PC Has Completely Changed The Online World

the apple ipad-is taking over the worldWhen Apple decided to introduce their latest slimmer and quicker second generation iPad2 tablet PC earlier this year, they had already sold over 15.1 million of their original Apple iPad worldwide. That’s Fifteen Million units kids!

And these go for a retail of around $600 or more a pop, and all this in just under a year. Also during this time, the world economy was pretty much stagnant or in decline and going through one of its worst economic droughts since the late 1920s when the stock market crashed.

Consumers from all corners of the globe has absolutely embraced …

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Review Of The Panasonic HDC-SDT750 3D Camcorder

Review On The Panasonic-HDC-SDT750-Consumer-Grade-3D-Camcorder
Panasonic is the very first to introduce to the market for consumer availability, a 3D video production Camcorder, and it is definitely an excellent choice. The Panasonic HDC-SDT750 offers a dual threat since first of all, it’s a very good high-end digital camera as well as being equally capable producing excellent and impressive 3D video footage.

What’s New About The Camera
One of this digital camera’s most unique features may be the 3D conversion lens, which is equipped with two individual lenses that’s situated alongside each another.

They are almost as large as the entire camera itself. The …

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Why You Need GPS Tracking Systems Technology And How They Can Save Your Life

howgpstrackingworksonasmart-phoneWhen we eventually venture out and experience the great outdoors and have some real life adventures, we will at times require some assistance to know exactly where we are or where we’re going.

This happens when you’ve embarrassingly forgotten where you parked your car in the gigantic shopping mall parking lot or ventured slightly off the well known beaten path in your SUV or mountain bike, and attempted to retrace your steps back to the campsite.

It happens all the time, and it’s true, guys still do not like to ask for directions. So electronic GPS Tracking and safety …

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Why Consumers Trust The Internet Over Other Media Sources

womanshoppingwithsmartphoneShopping for most is forever a favorite pastime, such as eating out or taking a soothing bath. It almost becomes a bit of a scavenger hunt when consumers run around to find the best deals which they feel are properly tailored for them.

Everyone wants to own that newer better piece of unique clothing or accessory or want that bigger TV at the lowest price, so it becomes a battle to outsmart their fellow shoppers. All of the major media ad companies know this, so their premeditated motivation is to create new avenues of merchandising so they can connect …

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Comparison Of Productivity Apps: Microsoft Office 365 And Google Apps For Business

cloud-computingmicrosoftwebappsandgoogleappsforbusinessMore often, Web-based resources utilizing Cloud Computing services are rapidly beginning to take over the usage of desktop applications. Most notably is Microsoft’s Office 365, their response to Google’s Apps for Business. The MS Office 365 Suite is a complete business productivity as well as a communications package which includes all of their traditional online online versions of Microsoft s successful Office Suite software bundle.

For decades, Microsoft has had a firm grip as well as been the leader in desktop productivity software, primarily because it was made available in every PC which was sold. It wasn’t until a …

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Motorola Atrix 4G Smartphone Mobile Device With Google Android

Motorola-Atrix-4G-On-Its-Laptop-Loading-DockThe Motorola Atrix Smartphone is as smart and sophisticated as they come. So as a result, there is a lot of buzz and deservedly so on this particular mobile device. It’s a bit of a new concept in phones which combines the portable mobility of a handheld smartphone while offering the functionality of a laptop in a single concise attractive product.

The Motorola Atrix 4G is able to dock directly onto a laptop like base which is able to connect to a full-size keyboard, allowing it to use certain applications or editing larger documents. The dock is like a …

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