5 Tips For Web Security At The Work Place

computer hackerCommon Sense Goes A Long Way
If you’re not quite sure of a site’s validity, look on your computers internet browser for the secure icon (often an image of a padlock) in the address bar, or the “https” in the URL of the address on the web site.

The IT staff of your company can only do so much keeping your company’s network secure. Although using ultra grade, premium anti-malware or anti-virus software, or setting up an industrial grade firewall on the network computers should be adequate enough, promoting basic safety practices to the computer users goes a long …

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Get On The ‘First Page’ Of Google Publishing Press Releases

Press-ReleaseWriting Press Releases about your product, an affiliate product, or news on your business, will rank and appear instantly in most organic search engines and online news services. This often happens immediately after a PR publication is released. The only criteria is that the press release is optimized properly, and follows the exact preferred SEO and editorial guidelines.

Traditionally, print media was used as an information gatekeeper. Businesses would send out press releases to newsrooms, in the hopes that their favorite editors would deem the press announcement worthy or fit enough for publication.

But because of the limited ink …

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EFT Tapping Leads To: Health, Wealth And Happiness

eft-tapping-points-diagramWhy is it such a darn struggle just having to be in a positive state of mind all the time. Making sure that you have a good attitude, see the bright side of life, be in a good mood. Life is hard enough as it is. But screw that, at times it becomes apparent that you really have to express yourself, tell everyone what you really think.

You know, emotions will build up over time. Rather, energy builds up over time. The pressure on your temple begins to build, you can really start to feel it now. At first, …

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Interviewing For Executives Seeking $80,000+ Job Positions

executive--job-interviewFree: Finding Jobs at $80,000 to $500… In today’s competitive corporate environment, when hiring highly paid professionals and executives, concise recruitment has increasingly become a key link in maintaining and establishing your company’s edge. By initially attracting and hiring the best possible people, your company can streamline and grow steadily. A poorly executed hiring process, however, can cost you and your company precious time, opportunity, resources and money. Poor hiring techniques at key professional positions can potentially cost you your company.

Important News For People Seeking New Jobs and Careers… A Faster Way to Change Jobs!

Hiring candidates who …

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Vehicle Maintenance For Your Car – Best Auto Warranty

womanwithcartroubleRegular vehicle maintenance, preventative maintenance for your car, can go a long way in making sure that your vehicle runs at optimal condition. The best alternate of course is to get the best auto warranty plan. No one wants that awful drive or forbidden tow to the local mechanic because your rotor is shot, the brake pads squeak, or the transmission clunks. Regular preventative maintenance for our vehicles is the key. Here is a regular maintenance checklist that you can use for your car. The mechanics know full well of the… you can ‘pay me now or pay me …

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Buy A House With No Credit Checks BuyWithNoCredit.com

buywithnocreditT.C. and Vickie Bradley are the successful developers of this best selling real estate investment guide “Buy with No Credit“. This is a very concise and unique method that works, if you are a home buyer or investor. First of all, this is legitimate, and directly from the investors who are currently practicing the techniques they teach, actually putting large amounts of money into their pockets! This is also not a program that leads you into buying additional “advanced” Books, or Videos, and to hook you into attending Expensive Seminars, none of that!

The “Buy With

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