How To Earn Revenue From Video Production

video marketing on youtubeshoot-video-for-small-business-websiteThere was a recent study that found online surfers are now watching a lot more video on the Internet from a variety of devices. It was revealed that these viewers are slowly but surely starting to accept the idea of paying for watching exclusive video online. To many video producers, this is very good news, as creating as well as marketing videos online can be an extremely costly as well as time consuming process. So to many, it’s about time that those videos may start to earn income.

Google’s YouTube

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Google Cleans House And Introduces Google Places ‘Open Now’ For Mobiles

google-favorite-places open now qr codesSo most of the discussion this past week revolved around Google and their seemingly annual and recent algorithmic ‘house cleaning’ spin they performed on their engine. This sounds much like a yearly event for them to clean out what they consider as ‘Spam,’ as well as what they deem as irrelevant sites. They may of wiped out a lot of free traffic for you, if you were using for instance, Article Directories or similar sites. They also eradicated the majority of auto-generated, auto posting, weak content blogs that used duplicate …

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Is Facebook Going Down The Same Path As Yelp Or FourSquare

facebookfoursquareyelp googlplaces marketingSo Facebook has reached the point where it’s beyond being just a site where old high school chums and past college roommates keep in touch with each other. It’s more than friends who are writing on each others Walls, or chatting and sharing things that they “Like” by giving it a thumbs up. When Facebook introduced their Community pages a while back, which when combined with their location-based Facebook Places, it may of put the relevancy or even the longevity of sites such as Gowalla or Foursquare into question. …

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How Secure Are Apps On Your Smartphone Or Tablet PC?

computer mobile -virus-spreads-to-humansAs you know, very scary things can come in small packages. That smartphone or brand new tablet PC that you carry around on a daily basis may have a dirty little secret hidden inside of it. Over time, it will constantly acquire bits and bytes of personal data and confidential information about yourself, and it is also potentially waiting to divulge it’s entire contents to someone in a dark place that you’re not aware of. This is why mobile security is of vital importance.

Does that sound a little scary …

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Why Your Business Needs To Start Using Twitter

twitteer tweet bird mountain_bluebirdIf your online marketing efforts or business is not currently using Twitter, now may be the time to start. You can use Twitter as a means of getting genuine focused publicity, as well as traffic to your site, while gaining a larger audience and exposure. This is ‘real-time’ as it happens, micro niche Web presence at its best.

Top social media consultants, as well as analytic companies are now guiding businesses on how to use this social medium to maximize their return based on effort. Other alternates would include …

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Optimizing Your Business Profile And Website On Local Search Results

local search results for businessLocal search queries on search engines for your business with a website or blog, which includes a specific geographic area, are becoming extremely important in marketing your site. Not only are specific location based website listings gaining immense popularity on the search results, locally based sites are appearing more frequency for non specified search phrases as well. This is primarily because of Google Instant and the ‘real-time’ demands of today’s Web surfer. So what can you as a webmaster do to immediately leverage this growth?

Steps To Take To Grab

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Setting Up A SEO Plan Of Attack For Your Blog or Website

seo search engine optimization google webmaster toolsBefore you plan on absolutely dominating the search engines, it’s essential that you review how you’re currently managing your SEO techniques, by doing a quick checkup. Your website or blogs, regardless of their size or if they’re dynamic or static, will benefit a great deal by removing certain roadblocks that may impend your search engine rankings. You must also know exactly where your target keywords are ranked, as well as setting up a strategic plan of attack to get fully optimized.

Removing SEO Roadblocks
In a perfect online world, …

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Review Of The Movie Unknown With Preview Trailer

Liam Neeson has demonstrated that he has appeal, as well as an aptitude for appearing in action type of movies, as he played an avenging dad in the surprisingly popular movie Taken. He obviously has a passion for one word titled flicks, as his new movie, Unknown is obviously hoping to capitalize on the same type of ‘solo’ hero premise.

While Liam Neeson is in Berlin attending a bio tech conference, he playing Dr. Martin Harris, is almost killed in a freakish car accident. He wakes up four days later …

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