The Very Cool New And Refreshing iPod Nano 4th Generation Music Machine Reviewed

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Apple is on the newness warpath once again with the recent launch of their new iPods. This without a doubt never fails to bring an air of techno excitement to each and every iPod fan. The brand new Nano in its 4th Generation, is dubbed “the thinnest iPod Nano” ever, has also been one of the most worst kept secrets in Apple’s recent history. The preview images of their new baby, the Nano the 4th, were leaked and posted around on internet forums and blogs, days before it’s release.


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Jump In Early And Develop In Demand iPhone Applications and Web Applications

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So here are some reasons why you, as a marketer, should be interested in creating and marketing applications and web applications specific for the iPhone. But first, a bit of background regarding the iPhone, as when it was first built, was intended as a closed proprietary device. Apple originally had taken specific steps to lock out its users of the iphones dedicated operating system.

This obviously won’t and hasn’t stopped prying minds from cracking open its cover to see what makes it tick. So back in October 2007, Apple announced

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