The Apple iPad 2 At The Workplace Worries Enterprise IT’s

closerlookattheipad2IT executives representing corporations are beginning to wonder if those corporate workers who has adopted the Apple iPad 2 device as their primary choice of electronic communication, will be demanding workplace user support right away. This because the iPad 2 is geared more primarily towards the consumer technology market, rather than as an enterprise solution.

Consumers, students, small businesses and online marketers all ran towards the Apple store to purchase the shiny brand spanking new iPad 2 the day it was released. This news however may of had some IT …

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Keeping Your Internet Computer Security In The Clouds

cloudcomputingsecureBusiness owners of any size and shape need to protect themselves from online security threats. Small businesses as well as entrepreneurs, often begin with a single employee which is usually you. You begin a home based business operation, obviously without a dedicated IT staff, and then usually expose yourself to the constant Internet security threats that’s lurking around on a daily basis.

These new online threats however are not going to wait around for you to establish yourself as a new business before it decides to strike. Especially since most …

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The Top Reasons Why You Should Buy An Apple IPad 2

ipad2tabletpccomputerthumbsupThe iPad 2 is proving to be just as popular as the initial release of the original iPad fab tab. Most are fascinated with anything that carries hype and is shiny and new. This is not offered as purchasing advice, but there are a large segment of experts and media providing reasons why not to buy the iPad 2, as there are a large contingent of die hard Apple Cores that stand by the improvements of this new version. The reality is, there are excellent reasons why you should be …

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Reasons Why You Should NOT Buy The Apple iPad 2

ipad2tabletpccomputerIt’s that time again, we are all getting sucked into the Almighty Apple’s vortex force field as they have finally released the new iPad 2 for sale. But this new shiny and bright iPad 2 tablet which is designed to seek and destroy any other tablet based mobile device in it’s path, may not exactly be that perfect flawless product that it’s proclaimed itself to be.

Yes, this does appear to be another great upgrade for one of their excellent products in the typical Apple fashion. But before you cash …

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Introducing The Motorola Xoom Tablet PC With Google’s Android 3.0 ‘Honeycomb’

motorola-xoomDrum Roll Please… as Motorola has unveiled their highly anticipated tablet PC, The Motorola Xoom, which is a 10.1-inch pure touchscreen tab, housed with the latest version of Android 3.0, Google’s mobile Operating System dubbed ‘Honeycomb.’ It made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, 2011. There was once a time when computer manufactures were distinct from the mobile phone makers, but with the new tablets, that line is now non-existent.

Google’s Android software developers, working in conjunction with Motorola and chip maker Nvidia, …

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Best Of The Latest Tablet PC Computer Comparisons

latest-tablet-smartbook-portable devicesThere is a fresh new smell of buzz created by the release of the Apple iPad portable tablet PC device. This has forced other major electronic manufacturers to join in the tablet market. Tablets are trendy cool to own, and are currently ‘red hot’ as a communication device. The biggest problem they are facing is the supply, because on the high demand issues. Apple on their initial release of the iPad, sold over 4.5 million tabs during their last fiscal quarter.

So not surprisingly, there are a number of companies …

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5 Tips For Web Security At The Work Place

computer hackerCommon Sense Goes A Long Way
If you’re not quite sure of a site’s validity, look on your computers internet browser for the secure icon (often an image of a padlock) in the address bar, or the “https” in the URL of the address on the web site.

The IT staff of your company can only do so much keeping your company’s network secure. Although using ultra grade, premium anti-malware or anti-virus software, or setting up an industrial grade firewall on the network computers should be adequate enough, promoting basic …

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BlackFriday 2010 – The Top Deals For Black Friday 2010

Black-Friday-2010-DealsSo is everyone ready for BlackFriday 2010, the official kickoff to the holiday shopping season. November is when the big retailers rub their hands and begin to offer huge discounts for bargain seeking shoppers. Black Friday 2010 is the biggest discount shopping day for savvy shoppers. Black Friday sales in fact pulls in enough sales to put these large retailers ‘in the black’ for the entire year.

As usual, most of the retailers announce their official BlackFriday 2010 deals and bargains by releasing ad scans on or around November …

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