HDTV High Definition TV Glossary Terms Definitions

HDTV definitions terms glossarySo you’re going shopping for the best HDTV or Home Theater System that will fit your budget. Make sure you arm yourself with the latest jargon regarding HDTVs. There are a few key terms that you as a shopper will need to know and look out for. Consider this your secret cheat sheet.


HDTV Definitions and Terms That You Need To Know

Aspect Ratio
So to put this simply, aspect ratio refers to the shape of the HDTV’s screen. The HDTV screen has a wider more movie like picture …

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Increase Online Product Sales By Using Comparison Shopping Search Engines

comparison-shopping search enginesOnline shopping has now hit the big time, and as a result has recently become a lot more social. So it’s vital for you as an online retailer to get your product or brand noticed at the right places. High on your list should be the various comparison based shopping search engines. Most consumers that are ready to buy, are increasingly using these services in their purchasing decisions.

As there are now more than 105 million online shoppers using comparison search engines every month, if you are an e-commerce merchant, …

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4G Wireless – 4th Generation Wireless Services Coming To A Phone Near You

sprint-htc-evo-4gSo what is 4G? 4G or fourth generation is the next generation of wireless cellular standards, that will primarily provide for higher speed transmission and downloads, while supporting higher definition quality streaming video. 4G technology carriers will either offer Long Term Evolution (LTE) or WiMax. 4G isn’t backward-compatible with current 3G, but it will use ‘spectrum’ more efficiently. WiMax and LTE are 4th generation cellular technology that can transmit high quality, high definition video on smartphones and tablets.

When smartphones were first introduced, and then went into wide usage for …

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Best Of The Latest Tablet PC Computer Comparisons

latest-tablet-smartbook-portable devicesThere is a fresh new smell of buzz created by the release of the Apple iPad portable tablet PC device. This has forced other major electronic manufacturers to join in the tablet market. Tablets are trendy cool to own, and are currently ‘red hot’ as a communication device. The biggest problem they are facing is the supply, because on the high demand issues. Apple on their initial release of the iPad, sold over 4.5 million tabs during their last fiscal quarter.

So not surprisingly, there are a number of companies …

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How You Can Easily Write Publish and Sell eBooks

sony-ebook-reader-vs-amazon-kindle-ebook-readerThe rise or should we say the reemergence of the mighty e-book, is breathing new life because of the many e-readers and tablets now available on the market. The ebook market opens new avenues for business-to-business writers and authors. You can now easily write and then self-publish your own e-book, and then sell it immediately online. Or you can market your business documents that you have worked hard to create. The opportunities of self publishing are now virtually limitless.

Listed below are some of the most popular e-book publishers not …

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5 Tips For Web Security At The Work Place

computer hackerCommon Sense Goes A Long Way
If you’re not quite sure of a site’s validity, look on your computers internet browser for the secure icon (often an image of a padlock) in the address bar, or the “https” in the URL of the address on the web site.

The IT staff of your company can only do so much keeping your company’s network secure. Although using ultra grade, premium anti-malware or anti-virus software, or setting up an industrial grade firewall on the network computers should be adequate enough, promoting basic …

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Best 2011 Internet Security AntiVirus Software

Our Top Recommended Internet Security AntiVirus Programs 2011

1.) BitDefender Total Security 2011
bitdefender-total-security-build-2011The various antivirus software application developers has recently released their new updated computer anti-virus protection programs for 2011. Amongst one of the best, and our top recommendation is the BitDefender Total Security 2011. This is a complete security suite that will give you the power of anti virus elimination, along with complete internet security and some handy apps. to keep your PC clean.

User Friendly Interface
BitDefender’s Total Security 2010, last years version came out with a …

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Review Of Kindle – eReader Sets Amazon’s Sales Records

Best-Buy-Kindle-3-Graphite-3G-WiFiThe newest, latest and greatest next generation version of Amazon’s Kindle media tablet, is now the fastest selling Kindle of any previous model. The reason Amazon says, is because the newest edition of the Kindle offers superb readability, a longer expanded battery life (up to 1 month between charges), and it’s price tag, which is an affordable $139. Life long traditional Amazon.com book buyers are now beginning to convert over to the e-book versions of their favorite printed books.

Because the Kindle e-tablet has exceed projected sales in North America …

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