Touchpad Down! Touchpad Down! Blame It On Apple For The HP Touchpad Demise

the hp_touchpad discontinuedThe sudden and surprising demise of HP and their WebOS Touchpad Tablet PC after just seven short weeks on the retail shelves is a reminder of how these tech giants are failing to take a chunk out of Apple’s dominant iPad.

The Touchpad joins the trash heap occupied by Dell’s failed Streak 5 Tablet because of weak sales, and there are suggestions that there may be a few more on the horizon to follow.

All of the Tablets which are not named the iPad just doesn’t sell lick off the …

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The Best Productivity Apps For Your Tablet PC

the best-productivity-apps-for tablet pcsIf you’re an iPad or an Android tablet owner and say you happen to be a CEO of a corporation, a marketing rep on the road, or a new student entering University, there’s an electronic minefield of smart and powerful apps which can effectively help you in managing the ever growing organizational demands of your daily lives.

It doesn’t really matter what type of Tablet PC that you own, as both of these platforms are excellent and extremely functional, offering a wealth of great options for you to stay on …

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HTML5 Why The Adoption Of HTML5 Is Gaining Popularity By Mobile Devices

html5formobiledevicesThe number of web browsers which are expected to be using HTML5 is estimated to be in the couple billion within the next few years. This is mainly because of the prominence of mobile devices and more specifically Apple.

The Internet Standards Organization, along with the W3C or the World Wide Web Consortium, states that the official HTML5 programming standard will remain in official “test mode” for a least a couple more years however.

But in one form or another, there are a significant number of developers who are currently …

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How To Stay Connected By Using Portable Wireless Devices

the use of mobile-broadband-When your out and about and have the right mobile device with you, you’re then able to completely take advantage of all what wireless technology has to offer.

This whether you’re wanting to find an Internet connection to check your email, or to get instant updates on the latest weather conditions in your area. So listed are all of your Web connected options when it comes to mobile devices.

Smartphones And Tablet PCs
These devices, especially tablets, are now obviously beyond the “fad” phase as there are literally millions of …

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Why Consumers Still Refuse To Purchase An Apple iPad

an apple  tablet with an arrow through itApple’s can be delicious. Apple has been absolutely soaring lately and will be reporting enormous profits once again, which is becoming routine every quarter. This thanks to their ground breaking market changing products such as the iPhone and recently the iPad Tablet PC, where sales has now exceeded well over 7.5 Million units.

But there are some out there who are holding out and waiting for a better tablet. Google and their Android devices has managed to attract a fairly significant following, this primarily because their platform is completely …

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Why Enterprises Should Be Concerned About Mobile Device Security

whyenterprisesneedmobile-securityAlmost everyone now owns one, some type of mobile device which also most likely connects to the Internet. Apple the industry leader in portable mobility has sold over 100 million units of their iPhone and iPad mobile devices, which runs on the iOS operating system. Google claims that they’re activating over 500,000+ Android OS driven mobile devices every single day.

And because of Web connectivity, these mobile owners are using their smartphones and their tablet PCs for much more than just making a phone call, taking pictures or saving notes. …

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Hewlett-Packard To Introduce TouchPad Tablet webOS Apps In Pivot e-Magazine

HP-TouchPadTablet-PCWhen Hewlett-Packard formally introduces and released their HP TouchPad Tablet PC on July 1, you’ll be able to find webOS mobile apps on their new digital magazine which is to be called webOS Pivot.

This is an electronic magazine which will feature articles describing the various apps offered as well as links to them which are located in the HP webOS App Catalog. HP sees the Pivot e-magazine as a way in which they would be able to help developers market their webOS apps. HP also plans to offer discounts …

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Wanted Immediate Mobile Device Application Developer Positions Available

wanted immediatemobile-developersThe corporate world is currently in a tailspin as there is a shortage and a demand for Mobile Applications which are required for their businesses. There is a need for developers who are willing to adapt their technical skill sets to constructing apps for smartphone and tablet PC devices.

The market demand is surging positively ahead for apps which are able to run on Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android OS, as well as any other mobile based operating system which powers these mobile handheld devices.

The entire industry is now facing …

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