Why Do My Feet Hurt When I Run? Reason… It’s The Wrong Running Shoe

If you are any type of a seasoned runner, you know the absolute importance of a good comfy running shoe. It makes the difference between running for miles and miles or ending in potential injury. Any specialized running store has shoes ranging from $50 up to $300+ depending on the type of feet, body type and how often you run.

The problem for most starting out is not being properly informed. Most new runners do not realize there is a proper running shoe for your body and foot type. First, know what type of foot you have before you

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Ho Ho Ho… Who Cares About The Economy This Christmas Season… Spending And Consumption Is Still High

Do you know or realize how many actual turkeys are feasted on during the Christmas holiday season? Here are some interesting facts regarding the excessive volume of fowl eaten, how many xmas cards are sent, and much more stats you really don’t care about.

Christmas Cards
Everyone still enjoys sending and receiving Christmas cards in the mail right? Heck yes, its a long standing tradition. So how many of these paper cards, envelopes with stamps get send every season? The trusty mail service estimates there are approximately 2.1 billion of these Christmas cards sent just in the United States

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Yes You Can Get Cars Trucks and SUV’s For As Low As $200 – Here’s How – Seized Cars

As we are all stuck in the midst of this current economy, it’s getting a lot tougher for most to survive and function properly. It seems everyone is trying to save money and find bargains anywhere they can. Although the latest gas crunch crisis seems to have subsided, due to the global oil prices coming down, we all still have to deal with the current financial and unemployment crisis. There are thousands of people on a daily basis losing their jobs at an alarming rate. The once mighty pillar of the economy, the North American automakers are also feeling

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Why You In Business Need To Join The Twitter Revolution – Nothing Comes Close To It

So if you are at all interested in following any major event, such as a certain election, then focus your attention on Twitter as it reveals a precise ‘minute by minute’ account on the general public’s reaction to every move these politicians make. Twitter was recently used on TV where the host shifted their attention to ‘pull up quotes’ from what the public was thinking on Twitter. They used it as a general gauge to measure the pulse on how everyone was reacting.So Twitter is turning into a glorified digital, permission based stalking site. Twitter is probably one of

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How To Boost Your Metabolism Rate – Build Lean Muscle And Eat More

So one of your goals in life should be better health, and one of the key ingredients to that is to boost your metabolism rate. It should be something that almost any healthy individual should be aiming for and achieving everyday. Raising and thus having a higher metabolism rate can increase the amount of calories and energy your body burns on a daily basis. Without optimizing your metabolic rate, the body automatically store excess calories, which turns into fat for future use. The issue with most people is they never use up these excess calories and that results in

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