How To Get That Swagger That Purpose Back Into Your Step

stutter in stepThere’s so much that you can do in your life right now, so much effort that you can expend, so many times that you can say “I will.” There are limited times that you can do all your favorite things in life, this before they get tiring, until they become mundane and boring.

What we’re all familiar with is the feeling of routine, this because of repetition to the point of it feeling unworthy or even uncomfortable. Then your motivation begins to waver, as you start to lose that spark, that fire you once had about your work, relationships, …

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Darn You Facebook How Dare You Ruin My Perfect Relationship

someone addicted to FacebookFacebook is the great reveal, it’s completely transparent and it can expose everything. What you don’t intend is to snoop or stalk on your online friends, current relationships, partner, or that person of interest. What they do is none of your business.

But it happens. You also have friends you know that frequents your timeline along with others discreetly. You wonder why that someone of interest, will comment or place a “like” on a certain mutual friend’s status, but won’t bother to comment on your status. Why?

What Facebook does is it create relationship anxiety, pushing you over the …

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What’s The Point Of Blogging If You Don’t Get Any Traffic

need more blog trafficWhy do you blog. Some blog just for the sake of blogging. They get no traffic, no conversions, they make no money. Have you checked your Alexa Rating lately. If your Alexa rank is in the millions, then your blog is just for show since you’re not getting any traffic.

What you’re looking for is that magical formula, this to get free organic traffic to your blog, this without hopefully not paying for it. Try as you might, you’re constantly attempting to get more readership for your fabulous site, but no bothers to read it.

So instead, you decide …

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How To Discover And Analyze The Next Big Trend In Business

learning how to innovateWe all want to be ahead of the curve, get that unique one of a kind idea before the masses do. So to find opportunity, what we’re constantly looking for are innovative ways to do things better or faster. Often, the solution is usually right in front of us, waiting.

That opportunity, once you blink or yawn however, turn around and suddenly it’s gone, you’ve missed your chance. That attempt to seize the exact moment to potential growth and creativity, is recognizing the opportunity and the vision, and then grasping it.

Opportunity is similar to you waking up at …

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How You Need To Work Hard To Get More Likes For Your Fanpage

get more likesLikes, a feeling a few notches below love. Likes at one time was a warm fuzzy feeling that you got when you felt affection towards a person or a thing. “I really like you.” As kids, the things that most like are eating, sleeping, and playing with friends.

The meaning of “Like” suddenly changed when a particular site began using likes on their webpages. Facebook, once they acquired this social media site, began to integrate the “Like” button feature on their own site, this as an expression of ones level of… Like.

They doing so altered the way we …

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The Fight That You Need To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

becoming an entrepreneurWhat you need is a cutthroat mentality. So not everyone is suited to becoming an entrepreneur, try as they might. Many will get fed up however, feeding the “rat race,” and then decide to begin their own startup, only to find that they might be in over their heads.

They don’t have the right attitude, their skill set comes up a little short or aren’t appropriate. Yet, they continue to waste their time and resources, along with wasting the time of everyone else they engage with, who either invested in them or works with them.

It becomes difficult to …

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The Blundering Plight Path Of The Failing Internet Marketer

why some fail at Internet MarketingThey work hard, they research, tweak a bit of code, create some compelling copy, have those “aha” moments. Another brilliant idea suddenly flashes across their mind, thinking this one, this is the idea that will make them money in Internet Marketing.

Internet marketing can be the most lucrative way to make a living on the planet, as entry is extremely easy and portable. All you need is a desk, chair, computer, Internet connection, then you’re in business. You can then sell to billions of waiting online consumers.

The truth being there are many who have. The Internet has created …

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Get Anything You Want In Life By Visualizing And Manifesting

how to manifest what you wantRealize that there’s a divide on this earth. People who believe, achieve, manifest what they want, and those who don’t. It’s found that the majority just consider visualizing dreams “bunk.” That they’ll never come true and is a complete waste of time.

For those who believe, to them it’s not a coincidence or a religion. That if they visualize correctly, they can manifest whatever they want. What’s known however, is that improper visualization can also push your dreams away, which then just proves the skeptics right.

It’s found that one needs to be specific on target, as it’s the …

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How To Find A Date In The High Technology World We Live In

looking for a date onlineEvery spring, your pulse begins to quicken. The flowers begin to bloom, you see May weddings in the park, but here you are, you’re single and lonely. Your fear is facing another summer of discontent, beach parties you tag along with your married or attached friends, expecting fate to disappoint you again.

So you think maybe it’s time that you started dating again. You could be just looking for a June to September fling, or something more permanent. What’s difficult is “breaking the ice,” as it feels more like a thick slab of concrete.

First dates are always usually …

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The Art Of Talking Coming Across As An Effective Communicator

how to communicate effectivelyThere’s always someone who enjoys the drama, they would rather stand out and be controversial to make their point, to be noticed, this to compliment their ego, or just because they need to state their rant. Regardless, they go against the grain and will speak out loud.

Although they are noticed, and they make their point effectively, what they also enjoy is the confrontation, the dramatization that they create, this even though others would rather avoid the theater. At times, conversations of this nature however, are unavoidable.

The next time that you find yourself in some form of contentious …

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