Checking Out Dedicated Servers? Find Out Why Hostgator Is Your Best Choice

If you are out growing your current virtual space and have recently been checking out dedicated servers, then you may have noticed that there are a lot of choices, pricing, bandwidth, etc… You can choose either from budget low cost dedicated servers or higher end dedicated servers that come with a lot more bandwidth.

There Are Several Type Of Dedicated Servers To Suit Your Needs:
1. How much traffic per day do you get or expect to get on your website or websites? If you get substantial traffic, or you plan to get a lot directed to your websites, you will need to make sure the server comes with unlimited bandwidth. Bandwidth acts like a freeway funneling traffic and visitors seamlessly and with speed to your websites.

2. Determine how much server hard drive space do you need? Virtual space is cheap, so get adequate amounts. If you plan on say having some type of dedicated database on your websites, such as to operate a forum, or some type of ecommerce shopping cart, these types of sites with databases take chew up a lot of hard drive space.

3. How much security do you need? If you gather dedicated private information from your visitors, such as credit card information, or names and addresses, you will want to and need to protect that type of private information by making sure that your private dedicated server is secure. Also if you operate say a business website that contains confidential information on your employees, and only your employees can access the site, it has to be totally secure so the stored confidential information will not be leaked out to the public.

These are just some of the reasons why a lot of business or corporate website owners choose to get a private dedicated server. Unlike shared servers or a VPS server, a dedicated server will only host your website and information and no one else. This cost tends to be a bit more expensive than say sharing a server with other websites you don’t know, but it can prove to be quite beneficial based on speed and security alone.

As stated, if you get a lot of website traffic to your website or soon expect to, you will want to make sure that the server can handle the required bandwidth to effectively handle each and every visitor. This is the funnel that allows the traffic to flow uninterrupted to your website. One of the most annoying experiences is a slow loading website. If you happen to be sharing say a reseller server with other unknown websites, they are obviously taking some of the allowable bandwidth from that server. This can interfere and slow down your websites performance and traffic without you even knowing.


So if you operate a corporate business, or a growing business that depends on dedicated security and fast speed, such as a law firm or an online retail store, it is crucial you have a dedicated server and you’re not sharing the space with other unknown businesses throughout the internet.

How To Get A Dedicated Server
It is not really that difficult to get your website a dedicated server. There are a lot of available options available which are safe, secure and reliable. You need to decide the of type and level of service that you require and then take a look at forums and review directories online.

A lot of businesses website owners will begin their internet business by using a shared server, which is fine to start with. A shared or reseller server can be the ideal host for a small business or personal website. In addition to being not very expensive, a shared server is also user friendly. For these servers, there is usually a small setup fee and a monthly rental or maintenance fee that runs around $8.00 per month. These fees for a shared or reseller server is the best practical way for any small business owner.

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