Choosing Your Words Carefully Before Speaking What You Say

be careful of the words you sayWe all talk to ourselves first, as there’s always a constant running dialogue in our heads, a commentary to describe our thoughts, our actions. The words that we use when we’re challenged, the words that we select and filter once we begin talking to others.

The daily vocabulary that we choose, the words that we use are extremely important. It’s thought that those who have impoverished vocabularies will live an impoverished life. Those with rich vocabularies has multitudes of colors to paint their textures, this for others to witness and for them to feel.

Most fail to realize the words that we speak effects how we communicate with ourselves and what we experience, these words can help and heal. They make us cry or laugh, destroy or create, they can cause pain or comfort.

Words create emotions which create actions, and these actions are how your life is formed. Most beliefs are created by words, which can also be changed or challenged by other words. Choosing different words to describe how you feel or how you’ve experienced, can instantly change the event emotionally.

Words Control Your Life
You’re in complete control of your life, so what you consciously need to do is evaluate while constantly improving on the content of your own vocabulary, this to make sure that it’s pulling you in the direction that you want, instead of somewhere you don’t want to go.

If you’re constantly saying that you “hate” or “dislike” things, that you hate your job, hair, you hate doing something, anything, all you’re doing is raising the intensity of your negative emotional state.

So once you change from “I hate” to “I prefer,” such as, “I prefer to get a new car,” or a new job, new clothes, it becomes positive by you preferring to do something else, rather than hating to do it.


So begin by changing your habitual vocabulary, as what they’re doing is describing your current state of life. Once you change your vocabulary, then what you’re changing is how you think and how you feel.

You Become What You Speak
What are you saying to yourself right now, as what you’re thinking is determining your destiny. What your words are doing is shaping your future beliefs while impacting your actions, so choose wisely.

The poor choice of words that you think or use will give you a poor answer. Be careful of the words you use when you’re faced with a new challenge in your life. Ask yourself, “What can I learn from this so I won’t repeat it?” Using better words produces a better question. A better question will always produce better results.

Why Self Talk Is Powerful
For instance, someone is having an extremely bad day, and you happen to run into this person. They’re then more then happy to ruin your day because they think it’s their duty to do so. There’s a saying “If I’m having a bad day, then everyone else should as well.”

But if you manage your self talk, then no one is going to decide how your day is going to go. Your self talk could be that you’re not going to allow anyone’s own drama to allow you to create negativity in your life.

Why would you even bother to want to become a passenger of your life, allowing others to determine what you’re going to think or experience. You can avoid this by taking control of your life by what you think.

The Magic Of Words
All you need to do is create new empowering phrases for situations in your life and whatever you say to yourself daily. Say these new phrase during the day or whenever the need arises, as well as repeating them before you go to sleep.

Once you begin to fill your mind with these positive words and thoughts, what you’ll begin to do is attract everything that you want in life. Realize that you’ll still need to work for these things, but you’ll be working smarter instead of working harder.

You can choose to help people achieve their goals with no agenda, and never expect nothing back in return. This way, you’ll achieve all of your own goals and dreams. Once you stop getting involved in other people’s drama, then you won’t allow negativity to seep into your life.

Now think how much better that your day will be compared to others. Being as honest to yourself as possible on a daily basis is the best gift that you can give yourself and others. So don’t take sides, don’t get sucked into their vortex.


Creating Words By Visualizing
If you’re wanting to build something, become profitable, get high retention while building through teamwork and education, then what using these words does is develop pictures in your mind. People will always remember their best memories by visualizing images.

Athletes and artists are known to use visualization. A runner will witness themselves getting in a good run without injury, see themselves running painlessly with perfect stride and breathing technique, then they see themselves finishing the run with energy.

Your success in life is largely because of the words that you use and turning them into visualization, then action, which includes hard work. No one would become successful if they constantly said to themselves, “I’ll never achieve anything,” or “It’s just to hard.”

The difference between those who are successful and those who aren’t, is that those who succeed do what others won’t think about or do, it’s that simple. Then, they activate these words into action.


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