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CinemaNow is one of the largest online destinations for downloadable movies and TV programs. You can rent or buy recent movies, as well as stream free videos or burn your favorite movies to a DVD so you can watch it on TV. You can also start watching right away or download and watch the movie anytime you want either on your PC or TV. The CinemaNow service offers 100% legal downloads to more than 4,000++ feature films, as well as television programs, music concerts from over 250 licensed vendors including: ABC News, 20th Century Fox, Disney, A&E, HDNet, MGM, Lionsgate, Miramax, NBC Universal, New Line Cinemas just to name a few. Movie Downloads. 100% Legal. No membership fees.

The service is fast and convenient. CinemaNow allows customers to download their favorite programs or movies on a rental or a “download to own” basis. CinemaNow also offers their movies on a pay-per-view basis providing viewers a 24 hour window to watch the movie once activated. The movie costs anywhere from $1.00 to $3.99 per movie. There are no subscription fees, no membership fees and no late fees. CinemaNow has also recently introduced a “Burn to DVD, service which enables users to legally download a complete DVD. This allows you to play it back on any PC as well as allowing one copy to copied on a blank DVD disc. This copied disc can then be played on any DVD player.

CinemaNow also offers independent movies as well as classic TV shows, documentaries and other videos on a free streaming basis. (Ad Supported). The free content can be viewed in CinemaNow’s video player allowing you to save and clip your favorite scenes. There is also an upgrade to a Platinum Membership which allows for commercial-free viewing. Movie Downloads. 100% Legal. No membership fees.

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