Helps You Reconnect With Your Friends And Find Your Graduating Class

So have you ever wondered what ever happened to your old high school friends, sweetheart or even foe? Sure you have. So what is that best buddy that you hung out with and have unfortunately lost contact with overtime? If you have, then there is a very good chance that you may have at one time attempted to contact them. Well as you know, unfortunately, many of the individuals get married, start a family or move far away. This makes it difficult to contact those that you’ve known when you were kids and young adults. That is unless you decide to join one of the most popular social networking websites dedicated to reconnecting with the past. That website is

Although classmates can be considered as a social networking site, they are quite unique from other interactive sites such as Facebook and MySpace. This is because is strictly dedicated and focuses on the connections that you made back when you went to school, whether it be your elementary school or your senior secondary high school or even college.

Classmates allows you to reconnect with others by joining their free membership (which is limited,) as they also have a more detailed paid membership area. The free membership plan limits you to just listing your basic profile on the site. The paid membership allows you to completely disclosure yourself and it is quite affordable to upgrade.

Once you are on the Classmates main web page, simply select your school by navigating the State, City and the name of the school you’ve attended. Then go ahead and create your free user profile. This profile will then be displayed on the classmates website corresponding to the school you’ve attended and the year of your graduation.

Once you are a member and have posted your profile, you can then view profiles from other mates from your class. Viewing is easy as all students are in categories including: the school, the years attended and some even have their photo’s (current lol) posted for easy identification. So whether you’ve graduated in say 1969 or 2001, you can easily obtain information on your classmates and track and correspond with them.


The paid membership allows you the option of contacting them directly via email or messaging. This can involve either contacting your classmates individually or sending out an entire class broadcast message or announcement to everyone that you graduated with. Class reunion anyone?

When you join Classmates, make instant contact with your old classmates as well as that long lost love, revive old friendships or make new ones. Everytime some happens to stumble across and view your profile, you are then automatically alerted by email that person was interested or remembers you. School is one of the most cherished events of our lives and the friends we made back then lasts a lifetime.
Join Classmates today.

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