Creating Easy Fun Viral Facebook Applications Will Make You Money

Silently there are marketers making some serious money by creating Facebook applications on the wildly popular social networking platform. Facebook is as some would describe Myspace for bigger boys and girls. These Facebook apps are basic software programs that are added to a Facebook profile. Facebook applications have gained in popularity due to the relative ease in creating and applying them if you are a developer or code cruncher.

Facebook applications are just simple bits of computer code that works within the Facebook platform. Some developers are cashing in by creating easy to use and understand, viral Facebook applications. The secret is simplicity, applications that a large spectrum of Facebook users can use and understand and can be passed to other Facebook friends in their circle. There has even been Facebook applications thats been sold on ebay for up to five figures, this is based on already existing apps, its popularity, the amount of users and mass appeal.

Andrew Wee On Facebook Apps
So Andrew Wee, who is a popular and prolific blogger has done a series of interviews and blog posts on his blog… WhoIsAndrewWee Talks Facebook. He inteviews Jason Bailey who is a successful Facebook marketer. Jason is in the business of marketing Facebook applications…
He has produced as series of videos to explain the process he takes and the offer that he has…

Part 1

Part 2


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