Danger… Did You Know There Are More Than 5 Million Americans That Have Diabetes – And Don’t Even Know It

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So we have all heard about diabetes, but do you really know what it is, what the symptoms are, the cures, the causes? Basically, the human body stricken with diabetes is unable to properly absorb sugar into the body. What is most common with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes is that blood sugar levels, most commonly known as “glucose”, are elevated, as it is unable to absorb itself naturally into the blood stream. This is the result of inadequate amounts of insulin, a hormone which is naturally produced by the pancreas.

Around the world, diabetes is expected to exceed to more than 250 million people by 2025, if not properly treated or diagnosed, this will directly lead to results of: (35) thirty five million heart attacks, over (13) thirteen million strokes, over (6) six million cases of renal failure, over (8) eight million cases of blindness, over (2) two million amputations, and over (62) sixty two million deaths.

There are currently over (21) twenty one million people with diabetes in the United States alone, this according to the American Diabetes Association. There are also currently around 54 million who have been diagnosed with prediabetes, which increases their risk of developing Type II diabetes. This equates to around 75 million in the United States alone with some form of diabetes, those who are at a high risk of getting diabetes.

Currently most doctors feel diabetes cannot be cured. It is believed you can only ‘manage’ or control diabetes with insulin injections or other types of medication.

If you are diabetic, you know the importance of monitoring your blood glucose sugar levels. The most easiest efficient method of monitoring is by using a glucose meter or monitor. Glucose meters are relatively inexpensive or free, but the glucose testing strips can become quite expensive. A new strip is required for each test and you may be required to check your glucose levels up to several times a day.


If you are a diabetic with health insurance coverage, you can often get free supplies which would include the glucose meter as well as the testing strips. Recent health laws now require health insurance companies to cover for the treatment of diabetes. Medicare currently usually covers up to around eighty percent, and in some cases 100% of the required diabetes supplies, which includes: a glucose meter, the testing strips and supplies. Most companies that offer free glucose meters and diabetic supplies has Medicare or private health insurance coverage. If you currently don’t have health insurance or are on a limited income, you can apply for the “Financial Assistance Program” if in the United States to receive free diabetic supplies.

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