Dear Micheal Scott – An Introduction To Pallets And Their Uses

When you see a delivery truck, or even a delivery van, as it’s being unloaded, you’ll almost certainly see pallets if you take a look inside. The majority of these pallets are wooden, but cardboard, plastic, or even metal are alternate options. A pallet is a flat frame, which is used primarily to transport a variety of goods (such as boxes of paper), while being lifted by a forklift. In some industries, although they are less widely used, metal, yes metal! pallets are also available. Before the pallet is being lifted, the goods (boxes of paper), are placed on top of the pallet and then secured by straps, to ensure safe transportation and delivery.

The most economical of pallets are made of softwood, they are also disposable and are often discarded once they reach their final shipping destination. Both plastic as well as hardwood pallets are more expensive, and are usually used over and over. Some manufacturers of pallets choose not to discard old used wooden pallets, as they can be recycled or used as donation for firewood. Paper pallets however, on the other hand, are used primarily for light loads only because they aren’t as strong as those made of wood. Paper pallets are used by businesses where recycling and easy disposal are necessary.

The most common places where you see pallets are in warehouses or factories, which is where the delivery trucks are loaded as well as unloaded. There are rows and rows of goods and merchandise that are transported on pallets, and longevity is important when transporting such large quantity of goods. The more items that are being delivered, the higher the value as well as the more dependable the mode of transportation should be.

Also, to provide efficient shipment, pallets can save time. Imagine a situation when a retailer or business orders 250 boxes of paper. A pallet would save a lot of time in that all of the paper can be unloaded at one time, using a forklift. Were it not for the use of pallets, the store or warehouse workers would have to make numerous trips on and off the delivery truck, just to get the paper in their office or store. A pallet allows all of the paper product to be removed at one time and placed directly on the warehouse floor for easy distribution. Therefore, pallets are widely used amongst office, retail or manufacturers for loading as well as unloading large heavy loads of merchandise at one time.

In order to be efficient, all large businesses incorporates the use of pallets. From large offices to retailers, to small law offices, each business uses the pallet either in-house or in a warehouse setting for easy retrieval of the paper products.

One of the best aspects of pallet usage is the variety of ways they can be relocated. As mentioned, they can be easily moved around using a forklift. Also, they can be moved around using jacks as well as human strength. A forklift is an expensive piece of equipment, but a hand lift jack is far more economical and they can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of a forklift. As such, there is huge usage for pallets, no matter what the budget. Whether it’s a large office setting or corporation, or just a small start up business, pallets are readily available and used by all.


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