“Death Of The Salesletter” A Free Ebook By Copywriting Guru Michel Fortin

The internet is a free medium for communication. Its original intention being a free source of no cost two way interactive communication. But the internet began taking the same path its big bully brothers, TV and radio did. TV has always been a one way stream of information where you watch and listen and absorb information. Some called it propaganda. The internet also attempted to force feed you with the same one way – do it this way – message. This was evident with strong written gigantic convincing sales copy using brainwashing tactics to make you buy “Product A”. TV has done it, radio has done it… so why can’t internet marketing force feed to the masses.

Stop…. said you and I and Web 2.0 was activated. Web 2.0 is about interaction. Web 2.0 is about the internet users telling deciding and discussing what they want. The internet as a result is shape shifting into a softer form of information interaction. It is slowing but surely churning to make it user friendly. The internet users are taking back the internet.

Michel Fortin is a convincing copywriter to the internet marketing stars. His message has conveyed and shaped marketing methods into large dollars. His free report “The Death of the Salesletter” outlines a world where the times are a changing. He is issuing a warning that the long winded, poorly written crapolla sales pages are on their way out. They are extinct, like a short lived dinosaur. The internet has now become the strongest medium of information exchange overtaking television and printed media. The paramount and significant difference the internet offers is that it allows you to instantly make your voice heard. It allows you to control and dictate what you want to hear and read.

For internet marketing to be successful, adapting to this changing market is a must. Hype is no longer valid. The readers now decide what works and what doesn’t. What they want to read and what they don’t want to read. Web 2.0 has redefined and leveled the playing field…

You can download a free copy of Michel Fortins ebook here… “The Death of the Salesletter

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