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So imagine if you want to complete say, a four year Bachelor’s Degree from your local college or university, then imagine the costs that would be associated with it. Think in the neighborhood of up to $10,000, that’s Ten thousand dollars per year, just for tuition, thats subtracting any grants or scholarships. That cost does not include room and board, food, entertainment or transportation! The price of getting traditional in house classroom, formal post-secondary education has skyrocketed during the past decade.
…But you know what? The good news is that you can now get the same associate degree, from remote learning, and be at the same exact place after graduating with your online degree.

You can start by taking a few online courses from your local community college, say during the summer months, or to complete some required credits towards your degree. You can then learn a lot about the quality of education online classrooms can provide, and the best part is, they can be as low as just a few hundred dollars per semester online. The cost is affordable as they do not have to pay for a traditional classroom to be used. The college still has to pay a professor to assign the required reading and study material and to upload exams and tests, all taken online. The costs are significantly lower for those obtaining their associate degree, studying online rather than through a traditional classroom setting.

Why Consider An Online Degree
If you are considering getting a degree online, this alternative offers several advantages. The main advantage is flexibility. You can tailor your studies around your schedule, for example, if you are working part or full time, or have children at home, you can complete the online assignments and “attend” the classes at any time during the day. You can even log in at say midnight and still earn your credits for that associate degree online. There are obviously no community colleges or universities that are able to offer traditional in-class sessions at that hour. With online learning, if this is the only time you are available for learning, then this is an excellent alternative.

Getting an associate degree online however, may not be for everyone. You truly have to be disciplined and motivated to complete the required tasks and lessons. If not, it is easy to forget about the online classes and quickly fall behind the rest of the class. Also, if you need hands on attention and immediate instruction, rather than conversing with your professor via email, then learning online may not be the best option for you.

If you are looking for post secondary education, online learning is an excellent viable alternative that’s available to you. You can still go the traditional “brick and mortar”, 4 year degree route, from your favorite college or university, but make sure you check out what is available online. is the premiere distance / online education resource on the Internet.

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