Is An Business Orientated Social Networking Site

DirectMatches is an online social networking site tailored specifically for the home-based business community. It fashions itself to other social media sites due to the personalized community involvement while combining a business edge and feel similar to Directmatches will help you grow, start or promote a business to other like minded individuals who are members of

Direct Matches combines a direct “peer-to-peer” social business marketing component allowing you to promote or find new business, but there are other aspects such as developing suitable online friendships or even finding dates, romance and possibly a love match using their proprietary multi-matchmaking system.

Direct Matches currently has over 65,000 like minded business orientated members, all looking for and sharing their business networking opportunities. Grow your business or start a new one, whether online or a traditional “brick and mortar” store with the help and support of a professional organization enjoying eight years of success. The free membership provides you with an online personal and business profile, free advertising of your product or service, free classifieds ads, free networking opportunities for business or romance, all for free. Join DirectMatches no-cost social networking invitation today.

There is however another benefit of joining Direct Matches, as if you need one. DirectMatches is the first social media networking site that has a built in income opportunity to it.

The opportunity offered is simple. All you are required to do is invite people to join the FREE membership and the built in MRM system will then work to upgrade the members for you. With this program, you can enjoy residual income like a lot of the other Direct Matches members has.

So what this means is you can enjoy “auto pilot” income while you are advertising and promoting your own business at the same time.

The residual income portion does however have an additional upgrade fee and is solely your option to enroll or not. What Direct Matches does offer is additional income if you so choose to participate. Join here.


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