Do All Events In Your Life Occur Because Of Chance Or Karma

the-odds-of-something-occuringAs people grow older, what accumulates are a series of life events which are known as experiences. These experiences are categorized and stored in the back of our dark moody minds. As a result, we get superstitious, have likes and dislikes, as the experiences we’ve previously had, can at times come back and bite us.

The alarm doesn’t always go off, you drive around aimlessly looking for a parking spot when in a rush. You lose a job the same day you get dumped, just when you’re coming down with the flu. Bad things happen to good people. Are they just random life events, or karma that’s spewing.

Some claim that it’s bad karma, that a greater force is watching you, and will eventually even the odds, balance things out. You feel cursed, thinking you have bad luck. Are these just coincidences or perhaps not, as destiny and fate is something you can’t control.

It’s Not About You
At last check, there are now over seven billion humans on earth. No one knows how many more billions if you count all the living pets, mammals, and lifeforms who inhabits both land the the oceans.

So every day, there’s seven billion different days that are lived by every human. Every day, seven billion inhabitants potentially experiences the most improbable day of their lives. Every day, there are seven billion lives who are doing their own thing on a daily basis.

You’re Not That Special
Say that you live until you’re 90. That’s around 30,000 days of waking up, experiencing life, then going to sleep. So you would have to think that just a few of those days will be improbable, odd, supernatural, that you’re being picked on.

The statistics can become staggering and drastically imperceptive, get really out of hand. Seven billion people on earth, say that the majority lives to 70 years old. Imagine the variety of improbable events that can happen during ones life, which are in the millions.


One such extraordinary event per day, happens to someone once a day, this somewhere on earth, such as someone winning a lottery.

Good And Bad Things Happen Randomly
Some win lotteries, some will get hit by a bus. For no apparent reason life happens, as life can suddenly conspire against anyone. It can become mind blowing how impossibly or ridiculously good or bad, that any given day can get.

This then continues the very next day, and for the rest of our lives. Some think that they need to be punished, this for being a bad person, that they’re bad luck and are doomed. For some unknown reason, people get stuck by lightning, hopefully not you.

What they think is that it’s their fault or wrongdoing, is the reason that karma is striking back at them, not realizing that it’s just a freak of nature occurrence.

Beating The Odds
If the improbable happens to someone more often than it should, such as someone winning multiple lotteries, as there are instances of that happening. Most would then wonder if there’s something more than chance that’s at play.

Some will then claim that it’s destiny, or aliens, or government conspiracies, to make certain people’s lives weird. That it’s fixed, and something crooked is happening behind the scenes.

Throw Of A Dice
We’re all familiar with the 6 sided dice, which is the featured device in games of chance. To roll a “3,” it should just happen once out of every six throws.

But instead, if someone throws a “3” five out of six times, then we know that it’s no longer just fair honest odds. Most likely, what someone did was “loaded” the dice, this to land on a 3 more often.

Or if we rolled the dice fifty times, and it never landed on a “6” once, everyone would get suspicious. If we rolled it another hundred times and never rolled a “6,” we would know that it was rigged, and that chance was no longer at play.

What we expect is chance or crazy coincidences to happen a certain amount of times, this to be acceptable and normal.


If it happens more often than it should, or happens less, we can then assume that it’s no longer fair, but something or someone is affecting the outcome of the event.

One In A Million
At times, getting or surviving a disease is given a one in a million chance. What that means is it’s going to occur just once every 1,000,000 times. The odds being rare.

Most then can’t say that it was “destiny” which saved that person. What 1 out of a million means, is that the odds of you surviving are minimal.

What this should make us question, are the testimonials of miracle cures, this due to prayers or other forms of personal or spiritual intervention. What we don’t hear or care about, are the other 999,999 who also prayed, but didn’t get cured.

All we hear about is just the one miraculous case, this where someone prayed or drank a tonic, and then suddenly was healed. Was it because of the prayer, or did they just beat the 1 in million odds.

The Odds Of Something Happening
Life on occasion is allowed to be crazy, become absurd, bend the rules of chance a little. Life is naturally zany and these “odds” occurring are out of our hands. A one-in-in-a-million event might eventually happen in your life.

So the next time that you hear about something crazy happening, a curse broken, this to someone else or to you, just remember that these one out of a million events do happen.

This somewhere to someone on this earth. So just look at the improbabilities which occurs in life, and say “whatever.”