Do Those Online Surveys That Are Free Really Pay?

There are quite a few companies out there that offer free online surveys for you to complete, and for your time, they pay you for your opinion. Because of the seemingly ease of work, they have recently become increasingly popular. The promise to actually pay you hard cold cash for what most people would do just do in their spare time, is hardly anything new. But are these online Survey Companies really for real?The good news and reality is that there is indeed, free online survey companies out there that legitimately pay. Consumers like you are always looking for the chance to share your insight and opinions with major corporations, and the same corporations need your input on their products, as it helps them with their marketing and product design campaigns. There is no point, say in developing tuna-flavored cough syrup if nobody is going to buy it. These types of business mistakes can end up costing companies millions of dollars, so giving away a few dollars for the public’s opinion can actually save corporations money.

So Where Do I Sign Up?
Free online survey companies that legitimately pay are available and frequent these days anywhere online. But as in anything free, its buyer and consumer beware. There are a lot of companies that just offer a list of “free online surveys” that you can take, but they end up charging a fee for you to access that list. That’s how they make their money, being the middle man. If you search hard enough, these lists of survey company’s are available almost everywhere, as these actual companies that are interested in ‘consumer opinion’ end up giving that information available for free.

There are also sites set up as discussion forums in which you can find stories of desperate housewives or construction workers that gave up their day jobs to do online surveys on handbags or circular saws. There are also the stay-at-home moms that make additional income by answering or clicking away about their favorite movies. These forums are great ways to encounter accounts of some of the more outrageous or questionable paid survey opportunities out there as well.

Are These Surveys Available For All Ages?
These free online surveys that pay cash are available for the entire family as long as an adult is available to monitor the internet usage. Many of these companies are as interested in opinions of kids and teens as they are adults. And as hard as this may be to believe: these kids are among the most frequent consumers of products such as: TV dinners, toys and candy. These businesses pay out millions of dollars for this type of information.

The biggest thing to remember is to be careful with who you share your information with. Supplying your time and labor is one thing, but giving away your personal information or your credit card number is another. Make sure that if you do happen to use your credit card, that it’s a secure site. There are numerous secure payment sites such as ClickBank and Paypal, stay with the safe ones.


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