Dr. Max Sidorov Big Diabetes Lie Ebook

If you are suffering from diabetes, wouldn’t you like to stop doing the daily ritual of pricking your finger, constantly testing what your blood sugar level is, or needing to monitor exactly what you eat on a daily basis? Don’t you want to stop taking all of the prescribed medication and the constant insulin shots, all which makes you feel sluggish while you’re wondering if they even work?.

Wouldn’t you rather instead want to join tens of thousands of other diabetics like yourself, who have recently discovered and are using a few proven techniques for improved health?

Feel and rest assured, as this new program on the market will naturally help you with your diabetes.

This has been pioneered by “real” doctors who are in practice, at the International Council for Truth in Medicine.

Help Is On The Way

Don’t you want to just naturally normalize your blood sugar levels, and eventually be taken off all of the pharmaceutical prescribed diabetes medication, along with eventually stopping the insulin injections for good?

Did you know that there are some, who are doing so in as soon as 3 weeks?

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What these doctors researched and have clinically tested, is an all natural treatment method, that they’ve developed and used on their own patients.

They are now wanting to share this proven secret with the world, with other diabetics.

They have decided to do so, despite all of the multi-national pharmaceutical companies trying to stop them, this obviously to protect their profits by selling diabetes medication.

Big “pharma” is trying to shut them down, because what they don’t want revealed, is the real truth when it comes to reducing or even curing diabetes.

What all these global pharmaceutical drug companies don’t want you to find out, are the latest scientific studies that these doctors have recently conducted, and found successful.

What they found, is how anybody who’s currently suffering from Type 2 diabetes, can now naturally reverse their condition by using these methods.

This is information that was not widely known until now, as it was hidden from the general public.

It was suppressed and left undisclosed for decades, this all in the glory of making more profits for the big drug companies.

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The Truth About Diabetes

Realize that when you’re living with diabetes, what you’re constantly faced with, are potential and at times life threatening health hazards from the disease.

This could include heart attack and stroke, limb amputation, kidney failure, potential blindness, neuropathy, nerve system disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, severe moodiness leading to depression, and potentially falling into a coma.

These are just the side-effects, when living with diabetes.

Then there are all of the documented side-effects from taking the doctor prescribed diabetes medication, which are supposed to “cure” you.

These additional health hazards include hepatitis, liver failure, and acidosis which can lead to potential life fatality.

All of the doctor prescribed medication, can also complicate as well as weaken your immune system, induce vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, just to name a few symptoms.

Why Isn’t My Diabetes Getting Any Better

What these doctors at ICTM have discovered, is that using the conventional methods for treating diabetes, such as prescription medication and insulin injections doesn’t work, they just mask the disease.

All while the entire medical community, continues to stand and protect their claims, that diabetes is an incurable disease.

Yet, there are now hundreds of verified studies by these doctors, that proves otherwise.

Over time, if you happen to be diabetic, what you’re constantly prescribed are just higher doses or more expensive drugs, all which just “prolongs” the diabetes.

Then once they eventually fail to work, what’s then prescribed are insulin injections, this on top of all the other prescribed drugs.

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Then what almost everyone will do, is choose to follow their doctor’s advice and recommendations, and continue to take the exact dosages as prescribed.

What’s known and guaranteed, is that you will continue to live with diabetes if you do so, this usually for the rest of your life, until now.

Realize that all you’re just doing, is “managing” your diabetes, and not doing anything to eliminate it.

All while you eventually begin to develop further complications as you grow older, with issues that are associated with the disease.

It’s important to restate that all of the drugs prescribed by you’re doctor, does is just neutralizes the symptoms, but does not eliminate the disease itself.

There Is A Proven Natural Cure For Diabetes

Hopefully, you will finally say that enough is enough, and you decide to find a better way, more natural ways.

This by using alternate methods of controlling, and even one day ridding of your diabetes altogether.

Know that there are now proven verified clinical tested proof, that this does exist, and you can begin to benefit immediately.

Imagine if you had access to all this medical research on diabetes, along with the exact methods that thousands of other diabetics are using, to cure themselves.

There is now information that you can download and read, learn, and then apply the methods yourself from home.

How Would You Feel About Yourself If…

• You no longer need to prick yourself, so there’s no more needles
• You can get rid of all the expensive and dangerous diabetes medication for good
• There’s no more trips to the doctor, this for the same disappointing test results after disappointing test results
• There’s no more feeling of being constantly tired, feeling bloated, or gaining weight

Wouldn’t you want to get hold of this information, this so you can empower yourself, your children, and anyone else who happens to suffer from diabetes.

You could now help them and yourself, so they could then begin to educate themselves as well, this to prevent or eliminate this disease.

The Big Diabetes Lie Review

The Big Diabetes Lie is a proven informational book, that reveals the truth on how to overcome the two main types of diabetes, by complying to an all-new natural method.

If you happen to suffer from Type 2 Diabetes, you probably already think is that your stuck with this condition for life.

However, thankfully this is not the case.

In this book, you’ll learn that this condition can now be reversed by using proven natural methods, if you follow the instructions precisely as laid out in the guide.

The Big Diabetes Lie is a proven program, that’s designed to help you fight diabetes, this by curing the root causes once and for all.

Treating or reversing Type 2 Diabetes following the Big Diabetes Lie, is guaranteed to have a positive outcome in your life.

Overcoming this condition will set you free from all of the expensive medication, that are prescribed by clinical doctors.

What’s found is that Type 2 Diabetes, is usually caused by a poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle.

With the Big Diabetes Lie program, what you will learn is how to improve your health from the root level.

This in the most convenient and safest way, this so you can enjoy life to its fullest!

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How Does The Big Diabetes Lie Program Work?

The guide will offer you a variety of proven tips and techniques, on how to get rid of diabetes by you knowing it’s real causes.

It will show you how to enhance your diet, this by giving you a list of healthy foods that will help you cure it, and a list of “bad” foods that can worsen the condition.

What it focuses on, are the types of real food that you need to consume daily, while enhancing your water intake in order to fully detoxify your body.

This program has an added benefit, of also helping you lose weight.

Aside from the guidebook itself, what you’ll also get access to are several bonus books, that discusses important health topics such as water therapy, antioxidants, the importance of sleep, and much more.

The Authors Of Big Diabetes Lie

The Big Diabetes Lie is written by five different authors, all doctors. Dr. Shurst, Dr. Valk, Dr. Meto, Dr. Sakorikova, and Dr. Max Sidorov, the leader of the team.

These doctors compose the International Council of Truth in the field of Medicine.

Max Sidorov in 2013, assembled a team of health experts, so they can share information on health science such as asthma, weight loss, depression, and diabetes.

Dr. Sidorov and his team, then developed this guide, to share crucial information on how you can naturally treat diabetes, by attacking its root causes.

They all believe that treating diabetes by using their guide, will have a significant effect on bettering your overall health, for a longer life.

What’s Inside The The Big Diabetes Lie Program?

The Big Diabetes Lie is broken down into a concise 30-day plan, designed to help you manage the symptoms, to get rid of this condition once and for all.

The downloadable PDF eBook, that comes with a full money back guarantee, breaks down and explains the real causes of diabetes.

According to Dr. Sidorov, if you want to achieve the best results, its vital that you follow the instructions concisely without deviating.

What’s provided are tips on how to decrease your cholesterol level, this without the need of medicine and eventually insulin.

The book also teaches you how to reduce your food intake as well as cravings.

The Big Exposure

The Big Diabetes Lie, also exposes the truth when it comes to the FDA, along with all of the major diabetes drug companies, that are believed to be working together.

It’s thought that they are attempting to mislead people suffering from diabetes, from finding and taking natural methods to treat the disease.

Instead, what these governing bodies are doing, is promoting expensive medication for high profit.

The book also teaches how to improve glucose metabolism, which can potentially lower the risk of other diseases.

The Big Diabetes Lie reveals the importance of counting calories, especially when it comes to losing weight.

You will learn how to normalize your blood sugar levels, as well as lowering blood pressure by using natural methods instead of medication.

This program is extremely informative. You’ll learn the difference between healthy fats and unhealthy fats.

You will learn how Norway, was able to cure 18,000 diabetic patients.

You will learn how they were able to relieve these diabetic patients, from taking insulin and medication.

Benefits of The Big Diabetes Lie

So if you have diabetes, and are becoming fed up with the continuous runaround, and want to permanently cure this condition, then the Big Diabetes Lie is a recommended guide that can help you.

This provided that you promise to stick with the program precisely, and then you will begin to see results.

Grab a copy now as you have nothing to lose, but to start improving your health naturally.

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