Dr Suzanne Gudakunst Claims ‘Living Parasites’ Inside Your Intestines Keep You Fat! – Top Secret Fat Loss Secret

topsecretffatlosssecretssuzanneThis review is based on a real doctor and not some ‘health guru’ wanna be, her name is Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst. She has just recently release a natural cure in what may possibly put a stop to the use of harmful weight loss drugs and other cures in helping you to lose weight.

Dr Suzanne’s amazing discovery will allow anyone, regardless of their current diet situation to make just one adjustment and instantly start losing anywhere from 10 lbs to as much as 190 lbs of unwanted fat.

She claims the most typical results are an average of 45 lbs lost in the first 30 days for most people using her new secret. The reason is because her diet secret which is titled: “Top Secret Fat Loss Secret”, operates on a completely different approach to losing that “bulge.”

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Our Bodies Are Full Of Gunk
What she’s discovered is that there is a harmful gooey “plaque” that builds in our system that builds up over the years. This is a result of the harmful preservatives, chemicals and pesticides that we all know are resident and at times deliberately placed in the food that we eat. Some even claim that they are intentional placed by the multinational food and drug companies to keep us fat and sick, only for their benefit.

The result is that the harmful ‘plaque’ is solely responsible for your weight gain as it BLOCKS your body’s natural ability to absorb the proper nutrition it requires and as a result causes the following two things to occur:
1. It causes your body to feel that you are starving, regardless of how much you eat. The result is you continuously eat and get fat and thus damage your health and immune system.
2. Because of this ‘toxic’ buildup, your body thinks your ‘hypothalamus’ is starving and as a result, your metabolism naturally slows down more than it should. The result is it stores too much food and unwanted fat.

So if you remove this “garbage” that is lining your insides, the change will naturally start dissolving the fat build up resulting in an attractive, healthier, leaner body.


dr suzanne gudakunst review

Lady Doctor Blows the Lid Off of the World’s Most TOP SECRET Fat Loss Secret!

Wait… There’s A Lot More Junk Buildup In Your Gut
Along with this unwanted ‘plaque’ that is lining your stomach, Dr Suzanne has also identified a species of “parasites” that is living and breathing inside almost everyone’s intestines.

What these living, active parasites do is excrete a jelly-like “SLUDGE” in your body, which coats your intestines and other organs, causing it to be very harmful and extremely TOXIC!

So these parasites, along with the plaque substance, causes your body to believe that it is starving itself, and it’s natural reaction and built in defense mechanism forces you to eat more and create more FAT!

These living parasites over time usually die in your body, but not before they lay millions of eggs! Also, they form a sludge wall upon their death, preventing you from absorbing the proper nutrition your body needs.

So when these disgusting parasites are finally FLUSHED from your insides, you naturally end up losing pounds of fat and extra weight. All this without making any major changes to your current diet or what you presently eat.

For those that get rid of these parasites and plaque build up, they suddenly discover that they no longer hunger for the ‘junk food’ that they’ve previously stuffed their face with.

Dr Suzanne has tested her discovery with a group of volunteers for the past several years, and her program “TOP SECRET Fat Loss Secret” has witnessed amazing results!

Actual Weight Fat Loss Case Studies and Testimonials

suzanneCase Study 1: A woman who weighed a whopping 590 lbs suddenly lost 440 pounds in under 6 months using Dr Suzanne’s program! The most amazing part is she didn’t eliminate one item that she regularly ate!

This woman now weighs 140 lbs, and looks completely different altogether. She even became a swimsuit model, all this because of using Dr Suzanne’s “Top Secret Fat Loss Secret!”


Case Study 2: Is about a woman who had diabetes and was told repeatedly that it could not be cured or reversed.. by numerous doctors and experts.

After using Dr Suzanne’s program, she shed over 150 lbs in just 90 days and the most amazing part was that her diabetes completely disappeared and no longer depends on insulin!

These types of results and testimonies are flooding into Dr Suzanne’s office everyday from around the world.

It seems to appear that Dr Suzanne’s “Top Secret Fat Loss Secret” must work and she’s onto something. Her program is proving that what she’s doing actually makes people healthier and trimmer, as well as making them live longer lives. The large food and drug companies as a result stand to lose BILLIONS of dollars in profit!

The BEST part of her secret is that it’s not that difficult to do. It does not require a major lifestyle or diet change.

It’s been well documented that the general population in North America is getting obese and a lot more UNHEALTHY – so exposing this ’secret’ may be long overdue.

While many so called health experts may just tell you to stick to your current diet as well as exercise yourself to exhaustion, these are the people that will be disappointed when they discover that Dr Suzanne’s cure for obesity is completely NATURAL!

It is a wise move to grab her ’secret’ before something unforeseen prevents you from ever doing so, so secure it now at:

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How many times have you seen or heard about sudden “breakthroughs and discoveries” that causes enough stir for a woman doctor to get death threats on her life as in the case of Dr Suzanne Gudakunst. Well it has happened to her.
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