Earn Money With Auto Responders Using A Professional Autoresponder Email Automation System

Email and email marketing has been around forever and if you use it as a marketing tool, especially if you run a website, you’ll then be familiar with auto responders. Auto responders are those pre-set messages that you receive when you reply to an e-mail or opt-in form. The owner sets their messaging to automatically reply via incoming e-mails.

The return mail will usually say something like “We’ve received your message and we will get back to you soon.” Auto responders are extremely useful to webmasters for several reasons:
– They can be an useful for technical support, sending automatic e-mails to alert users that your query has been received and you will get back to them shortly. These messages are important since it re-assures your customers that their requests has be received at its intended destination and will be answered to when they are able.
– Auto responders can also be used to instantly send prospective customers information like a price list of your products, or FAQs (frequently asked questions), or other pertinent information. Anyone emailing that address will automatically receive these message in reply.
– Auto responders can also be used as a tool to send courses, reports and article modules. For example, if you have say a 3 week course or program, with the information or documents scheduled to be sent to your students on a weekly basis, you can then ask your students/prospects to send their email addresses to your auto responder address. The auto responder will then automatically reply to your intended party with the course package at the predetermined scheduled times. Another variation is if a webmasters sells a marketing course. They will advertise a particular email address where customers can receive free samples of their course or ebook. The auto responder will then automatically send say the first 4 chapters of the course or ebook to the customers over three or four successive days. On the fifth day, the email message will ask the customer to sign up or purchase the rest of the ebook if they want to continue. Now since the customer has sampled four segments or chapters of the course or ebook, they are then able to the decide whether or not to continue. If the course is good, then the auto responder series can be an effective sales tool to draw the customer to buy that product.

Where To Get Free Auto Responders
If your just need a simple auto responder – for example, just to send a single message reassuring your customers that you will get back to them, then you can probably just use the free auto responder that usually comes as part of your web hosting package. Setting up these auto responders depends from web host to web host, but it is usually straight forward. Visit your web host’s control panel and activate it with a set email address.

If you however need an auto responder to send more than one message, a series of messages, or scheduled messages at certain intervals over a period of time, you will then need to program the responder system on your domain, or use one of the free auto responder programs available.

These free auto responder services which are listed are third party services. They are free in exchange of advertising, as many of them place an ad in your recipients auto responder message, usually at the beginning of the message.

Two Free Recommended Auto Responder Services:
SendFree provides stats on the performance of your auto responder efforts but also has advertisements.
FreeAutoBot is capable of sending unlimited series of follow-up messages in an interval you like. You can also personalize the message to include the recipient’s name and e-mail address. Unlike most of the free auto responders, there are no advertisements inserted into your message.

Some Recommended Paid Autoresponder Services:

GetResponse offers an unlimited number of follow-up e-mail messages of any
length. You can also attach files to your email as well as view the list of e-mail addresses that requested your information, view statistics, configure the auto responders so that replies will be sent to you etc.
Aweber is similar to GetResponse in terms of features offered. Aweber
has high delivery rates as they have good relationships with AOL, Yahoo etc.
1ShoppingCart is a one stop full solution for Internet Marketers. Along with an outstanding autoresponder, you can set up an complete shopping cart linking in with payment providers.


Email marketing is still one of the most profitable businesses for internet marketers. The big hitters are using this method to earn huge amounts of money without really any hard work or large investment. It’s simply a numbers game. If you have say 2000 fresh subscribers who are
targeted and focused for your information, and if you have a great relationship with your contact list, they will always read your messages, recommendations and offers. Most will even respond to your messages and take action.

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