Female Hair Loss Treatments Reviewed: Free Trial Offer For Provillus – A Proven Hair Replacement Treatment

Hats are usually worn for fashion sense and not to cover your embarrassing bald spots! There is nothing that’s more devastating for women than to realize that the once beautiful flowing hair is starting to fall out far more quickly than usual. Normal hair loss for women is 100 to 150 strands a day. Each and every hair strand grows for a period of around 2 to 6 years, then it goes through a dormant period, and eventually falls out when the follicle pushes through a new hair. When a new hair does not replace the old one, or when a hair is coming out in big clumps and/or sections, then there’s a definite cause for concern.

Female hair loss is a result of a variety of reasons:

At times, hair loss is just temporary, while at other times, hair loss can be permanent. Temporary hair loss includes pregnancy, stress and anxiety, too many hair related treatments (like coloring or bleaching), illness or disease, and infection of the scalp. Fortunately, hair regrowth occurs naturally in most of these cases, when the causes dissipate. Permanent hair loss occurs is a result of hormonal or heredity changes and in most cases, are not reversed naturally.

Women normally see hair loss beginning in areas or on certain parts of the scalp, then these areas become wider. This is known as female pattern baldness, and it occurs primarily in the front; then, there’s general hair loss overall, resulting in continuous thinning of the entire head, while the scalp is becoming more and more visible.

Treatment for female hair loss may include a number of things:

1. Your diet plays a huge role in hair loss, so it’s important to commit to a well balanced, healthy diet at all times.

2. Exercising naturally increase blood flow and circulation to all areas of the body, including the scalp. Previous studies have proven that increased blood circulation assists the stimulation of hair follicles which begins to produce new hair.

3. There’s a lot of natural herbal or oil remedies, most are topical, involving simply applying the solution directly onto the scalp, which opens up the closed follicle and enhances the chance of hair reproduction. Some of these work, while others don’t, and mostly depends on the individual.

4. Wigs as well as hair extensions provide non-permanent relief, fortunately, these are acceptable fashion accessories these days.


5. There has been a number of medical products that have been developed, all specifically for female hair loss. It’s important to note that women must make sure that the products they use are specifically made for women. Male hair replacement products may contain ingredients harmful to women, particularly during the child-bearing ages. These medical products are available through a prescription and some are over-the-counter. It’s advised you consult your physician first, before using any of them.

Provillus has hair replacement products designed specifically for women, and the product is FDA approved. Studies on the effectiveness of these products and other similar products, in terms of both reducing hair loss and promoting the regrowth, is available on the Internet. Most of these products offer a money-back guarantee, and most have client testimonies from satisfied users.

Keep in mind that success varies on the individual, and success or the lack of it from one customer to another doesn’t necessarily relate to your body’s response.

6. There are also a various surgical procedures available for women, including hair transplants or grafts. They are also expensive and should be explored and researched carefully before committing to the high cost.

The distress and agony over hair loss in women is an individual matter. If it bothers you, and you’re beginning to avoid social situations and activities because of embarrassment, then you owe it to yourself to take some type of action. Life should be enjoyed!
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