Finding Highly Effective Keywords Guaranteed To Rank Your Website High

Doing effective keyword research is the first step towards a successful (SEO) search engine optimization campaign. Keyword research involves finding unique keyword strings that all point directly to the product or service you offer on your website. Research involves finding effective sales oriented keywords to increase sales or information related keywords targeted towards information of your product. The search engines will send both types of traffic to your website, but you want to key in on keywords where the visitors are ready to take action.

So your product or service you want to sell on the internet is the widget. There are at times a million different word combinations search engine surfers use to find your “widget”. They go to Google or Yahoo and can type in any combination of the following:

– what do I buy the widget
– where the heck are those widget thingmagigs
– tell me more about widgets
– give me review on them there weidgets
– where do I buy widgets? I’ll take 50

All keyword combinations that can point back to your widget website.

The agony of most website owners is they have the perfect widget at the best price, but unless they are at the top of the search engine results, no one is going to discover their wonderful product or service. So how the heck do you get up there?

If you have say… a high in demand website like “credit cards”, or more specifically… credit cards for people who has bad credit. If you type in “credit card” in Google you will get – “Results 1 – 10 of about 113,000,000 for credit cards”. 113 million friggin results! How could your website ever compete? There are millions of people every month who has bad credit, searching for credit cards and as a result, there are 113 million results.

Well, you can compete with proper keyword research. Like there are a million people looking for “credit cards”, there are a million keyword combinations these people use to find… getting a credit card with bad credit. So how to find these keywords?


The key is finding keyword combinations that has a high number of searches every month, but has low number of results in the search engines for that keyword combination. Say for example, someone types in… “where can i get a credit card with bad credit”. How do you know how many people search for credit cards using that exact phrase per month and how many search engine results are there? Here is your answer.

Where Can I Get A Credit Card With Bad Credit

There are approximately 51,000 people who use that exact phrase every month (more on that later) … and there are only 658 or lower results in Google instead of millions.

Go ahead, copy and paste “where can i get a credit card with bad credit” with quotes in Google. It will not tell you how many people search for that term every month, but look at how many search results there are… 158.
Now copy and paste “credit card with bad credit”. There are probably hundreds of thousands of people who search that term and as a result, the are 650,000 results in Google as it is more popular.

Where Can I Get A Credit Card With Bad Credit

So how do you find the exact search phrases for your product that has a large number of searches every month but has a low number of results in the search engines? You obviously have a better chance of your website being found if there are 158 results instead of 650,000 results. That could mean the difference of appearing on the first or second page of Google instead of on page 50.

Ok, so how to find these keywords. You can manually type in different search phrases and cross your finger for low results… that’s if you have a lot of time (a lot of time) or you can use a program that will do it for you. Adwords Analyzer will dig deep into Google’s Sandbox and search for keyword phrases on your base keyword like “credit cards” and will show you:

1.) how many people search for that exact phrase every month
2.) how many results there are for that phrase
as well as how many Google Ads and Overture Ads appear in the search results.

keyword research

You can get the exact keyword phrase to use… the exact number of “Searches” there are for that phrase every month… and the exact number of results in Google that appear for that keyword phrase. If you target and optimize that exact phrase for your website or article, there is a better chance that you will rank on the top pages of Google. Get the product here.. Adwords Analyzer


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