For Home Based Business Moms – The 4 Top Steps To Making Your Home Business Automated

If You Are A Mom Wanting To Set Up A Home Based Business, First Of All You Need A System
Not only do you need a system, you need a proven system to get the most out of your home business, better yet an automated self operating system. An efficient automated system allows you to reach your customers and prospects from every imaginable angle so you can achieve the highest levels of profitability and time management.

Here are the Four steps you can use on your prospects, they should increase your bottom line while saving you time.

Step 1: Create A “Squeeze or Capture” Page
You see them all the time. Even if don’t have any idea what they are, you have most certainly come upon a capture or landing page and maybe have even been “captured” by one yourself. A capture or squeeze page is a web page that is designed to give brief pertinent information about a product or service, and then requires the reader to enter their information to get further details. This can be just a simple email address, complete mailing addresses or credit card information. They are constructed to “tease” the prospect, so often it can be a little hyped up to entice their visitor to want more information. The most effective of capture pages will reach the visitors particular financial or personal needs and thus want to find out more by filling out the info boxes. Once they do that, your job is done, you can then use the information to follow up or contact them about some other offers you may have. These squeeze pages are the foundation to begin building your opt-in list allowing you to be able to contact them again with further products or services.

The most successful home based internet marketers have built up a list of thousands of names over the years. So any time they have a new opportunity, product or service, they send it out to their list first. This can also be used as a test market to gauge conversions or how that product is accepted in general. Usually, discounts are also given as they are in the selected group who has purchased their product in the past.

So this leads into Step 2 in creating a totally automated system.

Step 2: Auto Responders – Instantly Follow Up With Your New Visitors

This is auto-pilot marketing at its finest. When you are creating your squeeze page, make sure you connect your “fill out info form” with an auto responder. This is done easily using a service such as aweber. So when a visitor fills out their info, you get their email address for your list, but it also instantly follows up with an email message the moment they register. You can also set auto responder emails so they get daily, weekly or monthly followups without you having to lift a finger. The only work for you is writing the followup emails, put them in queue and your done.

While sending email is a nice tested tool to make your home business system automated, there are other tools you can use. This is because email marketing is continuously becoming less effective due to spam laws and automated filtering of unwanted emails.


So as mentioned, in order to reach as many people as you can, bombard them from all angles.

Step 3: Follow Up With Voice Or Video Broadcasting On A Membership Site
Voice or video broadcasting gives you a method of following up with your visitors. It is now inexpensive to produce these and offers an easier more effective method than written email. With video and voice broadcasting, you can keep your marketing system totally on auto pilot as well. You can record a message or a series of messages, and send them out to your prospects via email or set up an exclusive members only membership site.

Step 4: Yes Direct Mail Still Works

Direct mail is a forgotten method of follow up, but is still one of the most effective methods. Letters or postcards are a great way to contact your prospects. Do this by collecting their name and mailing information on your squeeze page, and do a standard mail out, this will definitely help increase your sales and income.

You can also automate this as there are services available that you can use to easily set up a direct mail campaign. One of the best services is Just input your prospects name and mailing address and set up a campaign that sends them a postcard as many times as you want. You just need to set it up once and then forget it. This way, you can contact your customer for an entire year on complete autopilot.

If you use these 4 simple steps to create an automated auto-pilot system, you will most definitely increase your sales and income. You will be attacking your customers from every angle thus getting your message always and often. Keep in mind it’s not just enough just to have an effective system, it has to be automated to free up your time and your product or service selection has to be in demand as well.

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