For The Love Of The Mother Of Pearls Or Diamonds – Please Be Oyster Aware

One of the most glamorous gifts from the ocean to beautify the world and the neckline, is the pearl. The pearl exemplifies natural beauty in its unique simplistic grace. This gem is coveted the world over by women who seek traditional, yet classic feminine ornamentation. These beautiful pearl gemstone beads are valued based on rarity and its unique origin. A simple string pearl necklace is simple, yet elegant and is the perfect compliment to any wardrobe a woman may choose to wear. Pearls symbolically represent loyalty, integrity and a calm cool disposition. Pearls from a traditional standpoint, represent a symbol of status and wealth, social prominence and success for anyone who chooses to adorn them.

The Oyster Is The Pearl Maker

So who makes these beautiful works of art called pearls? Well, upset and irritated oysters, thats who. Deep in the depths of the ocean floor, the at times upset oyster, protects itself within its natural habitat from irritants such as sand. They isolate themselves inside various layers of calcium known as nacre. Now during this remarkable process, the oyster produces one of the worlds most beautiful ornaments, the pearl. The most highly sought after prized pearls are: perfectly round, a deep bright white, no visible blemishes, and has an exceptional polished luster from various layers of nacre. So simplistic, yet this process produces one of the world most prized possessions.

So what if the process of producing pearls were a little different? What if the main component responsible for making pearls, ‘nacre’, consisted of different elements to make… say diamonds. After all, diamonds are the by product of, like pearls, mother natures work. The deep sea, oyster hybrid diamond can then be know as… the ‘Pearlmond’.

Oysters Are Wonderful…
So speaking of oysters, as a delicacy, millions of seafood lovers love to eat them. The… at times acquired taste of the tasty oyster are also an excellent source of valuable: omega 3, zinc and vitamin B-12.

But Please Be Oyster Aware
If you regularly consume fresh Gulf Oysters, raw or even slightly undercooked, please be aware, as in some cases it may pose a health hazard. This risk may at times cause serious illness or even in some cases, death. This is a result from a little known bacteria known as Vibrio vulnificus. You may be especially susceptible if you have certain health issues such as: diabetes, liver disease or just a weak immune system. If this is the case, it is recommended that you avoid eating raw oysters altogether.

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