Free IQ – The Marketplace For Ideas Is A Web 2.0 Based Marketing Search Engine by Brad Fallon

Free IQ is an easy way to get your ideas, products and/or services using videos, audio or ebooks to your targeted audience for free. It is a community based Search Engine with content submitted by you and other members. The content is primarily Internet Marketing products, videos, ebooks provided by known marketing experts such as Jeff Johnson, Rick Butts, Joel Comm etc. You can do a search based on keywords or tags and content that is the most relevant, based on actual reviews from other members will appear at the forefront of every search.

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Free IQ allows you to search any topic, author or guru you’re interested in learning more about, whether it be: ecommerce, marketing, entrepreneur, income, online advertising, online sales, small business, success, webmaster, how to blogging, adsense etc. You can instantly see, read or watch all the experts, authors and speakers on any subject.

Free IQ’s patent pending search engine algorithm allows the most popular information to appear at the top of your search, based on reader reviews by others searching for the same topic.

Other Free IQ users will pre-screen the available information for you, and you are presented with the best video, audio presentations or book for your topic.

Become A New Member of Free IQ – Join Us Today

So if you want to learn what your favorite guru has to offer, or if you are looking for reviews on the latest product, do a search on Free IQ and see the results. The famous speakers, internet experts and authors who contribute to Free IQ all want your attention because, well, thats what they do for a living. They market books, sell courses, extended learning materials, seminars, coaching and consulting and Free IQ gives them a free platform to do so. It gives you a free preview before you spend any money.


Go to Free IQ, perform a search, and watch or listen to entire presentations whenever you want. All for Free – just click and start watching or listening right away.

You will also be able to give your opinion or write a review and leave feedback for others to read when you become a member. Joining Free IQ is free.

If you decide to buy any of the services, merchandise or consulting from an contributor who is showcasing his or her talent on Free IQ, you know exactly what product you are getting as you just seen or heard them talk, teach or describe their product before you decide to purchase.

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