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So where do you find free music for MP3 players, such as for your iPod, that is easy to navigate and more importantly the music that you download is completely legal. As there are a lot of so called free unlimited MP3 music download sites out there, consequently it gives you a lot of options, but not all the sites are of good quality or are not reliable. In fact, there are only a few dependable sites that are recommended when it comes to downloading free MP3 music. Listed are some tips on what to look for and avoid when choosing a quality dependable MP3 download site.

Is The Free Music For MP3 Download Site Legal

Make sure you choose a site that offers access to free music for MP3 downloads is copyrighted legal material, thus they comply to all laws concerning anti-piracy. Beware and avoid the sites where it is obvious that you are illegally downloading the MP3 music. Check and ask for proof of legality of the MP3 music site before you do any downloads.

Make Sure The Free Music For MP3 Site Has A One Time Membership Fee
Avoid sites that offer free music for MP3 downloads that are on a pay per download basis. Instead, make sure you sign up for a membership site offering unlimited downloads. These free music for MP3 sites offer you a one time, life-time membership usually for less than $40. They allow you to download unlimited free music for MP3 players at your convenience.

Make Sure The Free Music For MP3 Site Has A Large Database
Look for the free MP3 music sites that has a large database of music spanning a wide range of music genres for you to choose from. These sites will then offer you the opportunity to download your old favorites as well as new music to your MP3 player.

Make Sure When You Download Free Music To Your MP3 Player, That You Can Download The Entire Song
There are some MP3 download sites that only allow you to download a small snippet, sample or trailer of a song to your MP3 player. So make sure that their database and license allows you to download the complete song.

Make Sure The Free Music For MP3 Site Is Spyware And Adware Free
You should check to make sure the MP3 music download site is void of any Spyware or Adware that may create havoc to your computer or MP3 player. Our recommended free music for MP3 site is guaranteed to be virus free.

Make Sure The Free Music For MP3 Site Has Good Customer Service

You should be looking for a music download site with a good customer service support. It is vitally important that you choose sites that offer 24/7 support by either email or telephone, when you have problems downloading or have a technical question.

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