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pic_grouphealthinsuranceGroup Employee Health Insurance is usually cost effective coverage plans, that’s provided by the various health insurance companies for a group of people, most often employees of a company or an organization at a reduced rate. Most companies will provide group health insurance plans for their employees, which will help employees and their management to receive health coverage without any cost to them or for a small deduction off their paychecks. Group employee health insurance will ensure for all who’s covered, to receive immediate medical treatment and usually all costs of medical expenses are covered.

Group employee health insurance offers advantages to both the company and the employees. As far as the employer is concerned, the employee health insurance plan will provide for medical treatment to their staff and thereby ensures speedier recovery from sickness and diseases, improving employee ‘sick days’ in the workplace. The employee can improve better productivity and they should be able to focus more on their job, than worrying about medical costs for themselves or their families.

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Employee health insurance plans will also offer additional benefits for an employee. The main advantage of a health plan is the savings on the large premiums they would otherwise be paying, if it was a private health insurance plan.

There are several health insurance companies that will offer employee health insurance plans. Most of these insurance companies, for their Employee Health Insurance Plans, will usually require all the employees of the company to take a mandatory ‘health check’ or ‘medical’ once a year at a health clinic or hospital. These health checkups will cover a complete diagnosis of the employee, which includes: the level of fitness, height and weight, blood testing and blood pressure. These medicals are done to make sure the insured employee is in relatively good health, or to find a potentially undiagnosed conditions. These medical checkups are obviously beneficial for the employer and the employee.

For those individuals or employees who are not covered under an employee group health insurance plan, the cost of a medical is usually $150 or more, just to perform a basic health checkup. With an employee health plan, it’s mandatory just to qualify to be covered under the plan. Group health insurance also helps in boosting the morale of the staff, as they will see that their employer is providing added benefits for them.

Group health insurance will differ from one health insurance provider to another. The insurance coverage costs also changes according to the plan you select. There are however certain factors which every group health insurance plan will cover:


– In-patient as well as day-patient treatment
– Out patient treatments… like physiotherapy
– Free Help lines such as a Stress Counseling Helpline
– Specialist consultations for getting referrals from the employee’s GP

As mentioned, group employee health insurance policies will differ from one insurance company to another. It’s advisable to get a few different quotes to compare the different insurance coverage and prices available before selecting a group employee insurance policy. Select which one that best suits your company and your budget.

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