Get Free Stuff For You New Baby – A Comprehensive Baby Checklist

Hey, welcome little new baby. So the bundle of joy is finally coming home. When you are preparing your home for the arrival of your new baby, here is a compiled safety checklist of things you may require. If this is your very first baby, hopefully this list will help you in the listing the items that you will need.

This ‘new baby’ check list includes the following: what type of furniture you need, type of clothing, types of feeding equipment, child safety equipment etc.

Baby Furniture / Accessories
– A safety certified baby crib and a hypo-allergenic mattress with 3 to 4 sets of sheets, a soft allergy free blanket
– A soft plastic washtub; baby wash soap or liquid; some soft hooded towels to dry the baby off
– A baby changing table, or a mattress type changing pad (for changing the baby on the floor or table) baby diapers and wipes
– A covered diaper pail
– Soft warm blankets and futons for the stroller and crib

Other new baby items that you will want to include: a secure safety certified playpen, a certified high chair for feeding the baby once he/she is able to sit up. If your baby is very active or restless, a sleeping bag may help.

Baby Clothing
– A going home from the hospital outfit (blue or pink)
– At least 6 to 8 undershirts
– At least 6 to 8 baby stretch suits or ‘one-sies’ for easy baby changing
– Several allergy free hats, at least one sunhat
– Six to eight baby sleepers or nightgowns (covering legs, arms and feet)
– Several warm comfy sweaters
– Several pairs of warm booties and socks
– At least 4 plastic, water resistant bibs (for the baby dribbles)
– A plentiful supply of disposable or cloth diapers. Your baby will need to be changed up to 10 times a day in the early weeks.

When It’s Baby Feeding Time
– Plastic nursing bottles for baby formula feeding (if you are not breast feeding)
– Sanitized nipples for the nursing bottles
– A bottle cleaning brush
– Baby burp cloths
– Baby formula

Safety Measures When Your Baby Begins To Crawl

– Plastic or wooden gates for stairways and doors
– Window guards if required
– Cabinet safety catches
– Plastic electric outlet covers


Other Baby Items You Will/May Need
– A certified baby carrier or a baby front pack
– A certified baby/infant car seat
– A safe baby stroller / baby carriage
– Diaper accessories bag
– Medicine dropper
– A baby intercom or monitoring device (for the baby’s bedroom)
– Baby powder or cleaning liquid for diapers

Hopefully you will find that this checklist is useful. To help you along, please take advantage of the FREE baby items offered by Planning Family.

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