Getting Rich And Getting Whatever You Want Is A Science

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It crosses the boundaries from a metaphysical thinking process to believing that there actually is a proven scientific – Step by Step – program to getting what you want. Can this be possible? Can attaining wealth be cornered and be listed in a point by point instructional format. Follow these steps, and you are sure to become rich. So many of us have been searching for this elusive magic potion for becoming rich, much like that endless search for that secret formula for discovering the fountain of youth or becoming resistant to disease and sickness.

The book, The Science Of Getting Rich, was written close to over 100 years ago, (1910), by Wallace D. Wattles, just a year before his death. He has passed along his scientific formula for everyone who wishes to apply it, to become rich. The book discusses in a concise easy to understand, Step by Step Formula, for anyone wishing to attain wealth. The basis of his theory is that he believed against external competitive economic practices, but rather everybody should be concerned with creativity to improve themselves and the world.

Translated: We live in a competitive world, but competition is limited. We are all conditioned to compete against each other to get ahead. But rather than competing, one must learn to be creative to get ahead. Think out of the box. Step out of that box and create new methods and avenues for yourself to escape the arena that is competition.

Now can this be really boiled down to a science? like Physics or Chemistry? What then is the exact scientific principles of getting rich?

1.) The primary principle, is an existing natural law of the universe that states: “like causes always produces like effects” or cause and effect. The individuals living in this world who are presently rich, has become and will remain rich because they are conditioned to do things in a certain way whether they are aware of it or not. Those who do not do things in the same particular way, will remain poor. It has nothing to do with how hard or long they work, or how educated they are. This scientific approach eliminates the excuse that it’s because of the “environment” you live in being the reason why you are not rich. It also eliminates the idea that people with talent or blessed with a particular skill are rich. Not true, there are an abundance of people with great talent who are poor, while others with little talent are getting rich.

2.) The next principle is “The Law of Attraction” popularized recently by Rhonda Byrnes’ and the book ‘The Secret’. This simply states ‘Thoughts Become Things’. Everything in our world at first began with a thought. Then these thoughts emitted universal vibrations, these vibrations then are able to manifest themselves into the physical world, which is our current reality. You cannot shape anything tangible until you have first thought of that thing you want.


So if you have the initial thought that you want a “New Car”, these thoughts activate motion into the universe, and then as a chain reaction, the creative process begins as a result to fill the void you have created. This turns a thought into a physical entity. This is the reason why you should activate the belief process allowing you to communicate your thoughts and wishes to the universe, thus activating the creation, and it as a natural law, forming that wish into a tangible product.

3.) The third principle of The Science Of Getting Rich is ‘The Natural Law of Gratitude’ or Thanks. This is nothing more that giving thanks to the universe for the gifts you receive. The more grateful you are, the faster whatever you want will manifest itself. Gratitude is free and easy to give and draws you one step closer to what you want. For those individuals who are in poverty, it is because of their lack of gratitude. Just a simple thanks will do and the things you want will slowly buy surely gravitate towards you. So do not bother to spend your time and energy thinking about or talking about the obvious faults or flaws of others, or your own faults. Strive instead on being thankful for every good thing that comes to you.

4.) The fourth principle of The Science Of Getting Rich is Visualization of what you want or desire and how you plan to attain it. Visualization requires forming a clear and concise picture of what you want. If it is a brand new house, then do not visualize about living in your one bedroom apartment. You must be specific, as specific and detailed as possible. So set in your mind the exact house that you want, the style and the neighborhood you will live in, what color the house is, how many bedrooms, and how you will feel living inside it.

You must see the desired object as if it already exists, take and make belief that it is already yours, that you already own it and do not waiver for a moment.

5.) The fifth principle of The Science of Getting Rich is taking Personal Action. You must take definite action towards what you want now. You must set yourself in a position that you will receive whatever it is you want when it comes. It makes no sense to want something and not taking any type of action towards its attainment.

6.) The last principle of The Science Of Getting Rich is Getting in the Right Business. Get into a business which best suits your abilities and skill set. You cannot sell ice cubes to Eskimos. Finding and doing what you want to do in life is the basic core of what life is about. At this moment, you may not be in the exact business or work situation that you want to be in, and due to external circumstances such as supporting your spouse or children, or enormous debt handcuffing your freedom, then do whatever you have to do. Always start from where you are at the present moment, and work and strive towards what you want by activating your plan.

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