Google Adsense YouTube Video Units Review – Earn Income By Displaying Videos

So it looks pretty obvious what intent Google had when they paid $1.65 billion dollars for a video website named YouTube. YouTube and Google’s Adsense is finally combining video units with Google’s ads embedded into the YouTube videos. Publishers who choose to run the video units will now get a share of the income generated what initially appears from banner ads on the video player.

The Google Adsense/YouTube video unit collaboration went live on October 9, and is currently available for its US publishers. The video content that will be displayed comes from some of YouTube’s exclusive partnerships, including: Expert Villiage, TV Guide Broadband, Extreme Elements and Mondo Media just to mention a few. Google/YouTube will obviously be adding more advertisers and partners in the future.

Three Ways For You To Choose Video Content:
1. You can select individual content providers from the YouTube partners who has chosen to distribute their videos
2. You can select specific content categories, as well as the topic and themes of the video content you’d like to display on your site
3. Get videos automatically targeted on your site much like how Adsense targets text content. Targeted video content will be automatically displayed according to the content of your site based on keywords.

You will also be able to display two types of ads: text overlay ads, showing banner ads on the video content player. The videos displayed will most likely be paid by either on a CPC, cost-per-click or cost-per-thousand impressions basis.

Google/YouTube has recently released a video on their Video Units. This video explains how the video units will work.


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