Google Web Page Creator… A Free Service Using Gmail

Google’s Web Page Creator is a free web hosting service provided by Google. If you have a gmail address like for example: yourname@, then your web page becomes The Google Page Creator includes a WYSIWYG editor, so if you have no knowledge of HTML, you can create webpages easily and publish with a single click. The results are instant. All you need is a Google account to create the web pages using the Page Creator.

For advanced users, it also allows formatting the web page as well as editing the HTML source of each individual component on the preset templates. This gives you the ability to edit the header or footer, the sidebar and the main-content HTML.

Google’s Page Creator is an excellent free service. Not only does it enable anyone to create a personal or business web page easily and quickly, it is also ad free.

Googlepages…like blogspot offers you quick and fast indexing of your site. You can use the free Google websites as an instant quality backlink page for your main website or blog, or post articles linking back to your websitesite or an affiliate program.

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