Green Tea Weight Loss Diets Can Help You Lose Weight And Increase Metabolism

Weight loss and body image is a big deal for many around the world, but its the most evident for the stars in Hollywood. Body image is their livelihood. It’s no wonder and a secret that the stars in Hollywood worry the most about being thin and being in shape, and some will go to extreme measures to stay that way.

There is always some new ‘diet’ fad that’s always coming down the pike, and that is evident with the current green tea weight loss craze. Green tea diets has recently become one of the most popular solutions for weight loss in Hollywood, as well as the other parts of North America. This is based on the supposed natural medicinal properties that green tea possesses and the benefits derived from drinking it. There has been a lot of research supporting this theory, but just like anything else, there are naysayers questioning its validity as a weight loss product.

First off, losing weight from drinking green tea depends on the persons desire to actually drink it, as some cannot tolerate the taste. Research has proven that drinking green tea helps in weight loss by lowering or maintaining one’s blood sugar levels during meals. Green tea helps the weight loss process by not creating the by-products that produce fat as quickly as it normally would. This especially when green tea is consumed with meals. This of course this would not account to much if you already maintain a healthy diet to begin with.

Green tea weight loss products are becoming increasingly popular for dieters based solely on the ‘fadish’ popularity of the product itself. A lot of people are turning to green tea as a solution to losing weight as it is a natural product and is easy to consume. Drinking green tea also hosts a whole lot of other ailments such as stomach and digestive problems, better metabolism etc.

How Green Tea Increases Metabolism

Green Tea Extract Actually Does Increase Metabolism While Aiding In Weight Loss


In a recent study as reported in the ‘American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,’ found that drinking green tea resulted in a significant increase in energy expenditure (which is a measure of metabolism), as well as showing significant effects on fat oxidation. While some of these beneficial effects are thought to be because of its caffeine content in green tea, further research proved that green tea had properties beyond those that would be explained just by caffeine.

A test showed that the caffeine extracted from green tea, administered by itself, did not change the energy expenditure in the study. This led the researchers to believe the other active ingredients in green tea are responsible for promoting increased metabolism as well as an excellent source for weight loss.

The researchers all agreed that the active ingredients in green tea are responsible for the substantial implications for losing weight. There was a 5% increase in energy expenditure over a 24-hour period and it was attributed to the green tea extract. This led to conclude that, the thermogenesis (which is the body’s own rate of burning calories) contributed to over 8% of daily energy expenditure in a typical person drinking green tea. So that is a 4% overall increase in energy expenditure (or fat burning), due to drinking green tea, which translates to a 45% increase in thermogenesis during the day.

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