Guaranteed Proof You Can Win 97% Of All Sports Bets Says Cornell University Statistics Major

Sports, playing or watching sporting events has consumed time and space amongst millions of enthusiasts. Watching physical competition is one of the favorite pastimes next to well… eating. We all as youngsters played and participated in a variety of athletics, some of us excelled, the majority were inflicted with pretty bad coordination or stamina.

So for most of us, we have become professional couch potatoes as watching sports has become our number one source of entertainment. Watching these elite athletes perform on a daily basis, and to enhance the experience, many of us at times, has placed a bet based on our prediction of the outcome of a game or event.

So enter a guy named John Morrison, a Cornell University Statistics Major who is claiming to have discovered a sport betting system that he’s developed and personally uses to register an unbelievable 97% winning rate overall on sports betting. Sports bets is predicting the outcome of a game, any game or event. Theoretically, you have around a 50 or 60 percent chance of winning. Pick one team you like, hold your breath and hope they pull out a win. John is revealing his revolutionary sport betting system, putting his 97% track record on the line, and is making it available to you, for a limited time.

You can gain inside access to the exact betting system that John Morrison has used to net him over $375,000 in the past several years. Here is a look at his incredible win-loss record since 2003:

NBA Basketball:
2003-04 season: 68 wins – 2 Losses
2004-05 season: 71 wins – 3 Losses
2005-06 season: 66 wins – 2 Losses
2006-07 season: 66 wins – 2 Losses
Current 2007-08 season as of 02/01/2008 : 49 wins – 1 Loss

MLB Baseball:
2004 season: 48 wins – 0 Losses
2005 season: 55 wins – 3 Losses
2006 season: 52 wins – 1 Loss
2007 season: 67 wins – 3 Losses


So he betting on 490+ games during that time span, he has an astonishing record of 476 wins, and just 15 losses.

John is revealing his sport betting system, along with the complete details on how you can personally use the method. He will also provide you with a lifetime of free picks based on the system.

The math is already done for you. You do not have to dabble in statistics to apply the system. It has been extensively tested in basketball and baseball and appears these 2 sports has the best results. The best thing is, you do not need to know anything about basketball or baseball and at times, it’s better that you don’t because it eliminates any bias towards a favorite team. The hard work and elbow grease has been done for you. John has spend countless hours going over statistical sports data to finalized his winning formula where he claims, you just can’t lose.

Here Is What You Can Expect From His Unique Sport Betting System:
– The system does not involve: parlays, progressive betting, sports arbitrage, betting on both sides etc
– Win between 97%-100% overall on every bet you place
– You do not need previous betting experience (It’s better you don’t)
– You require no knowledge about baseball or basketball
– You require no knowledge in complex math formulas or statistics
– You will receive John picks emailed to you at no cost! (Lifetime)
– Just a few minutes per day is all that is need
– The betting system is 100% completely ethical and legal
– You can do this anywhere in the world
– A Personal Guarantee that: You will profit with his revolutionary betting system, if not, he will give you a 100% refund. No questions asked!

Sport betting according to him, will soon become one of the easiest jobs and money makers in the world. Spend just 5 minutes per day to potentially make several thousand dollars on a consistent basis.

John, I am quite stunned by the winnings I’ve made this season. I was never interested in betting, nor was I even a fan of sports. I came across your offer when I was searching online for a money-making opportunity. Since opening my betting account and following the guidelines of your system, I’m now up to 34-0 in my bets this season. Your system was the best bet I’ve made in all my years!
– Sincere thanks – Nath D. of Temple City, CA

[It’s] by far the best sports betting system we’ve come across. The winnings, records, and running consistency in predicting winners all check out.
– From The Gambling Times Magazine 10/27

You’ve truly made an amazing discovery with this betting system. I’ve gone back to the last 15 years of MLB & NBA and have realized if I had used your system throughout the years, I’d be no doubt a millionaire at this point. I really wish I had found you earlier than I did.
– Ed Marx from the United Kingdom

If you are interested in generating additional income from a revolutionary sports betting method, or if you are looking to change your lifestyle and generate multiple sources of income, then give this a try. If it’s not for you, if you do not think it works, then there is the 100%, 60 day money back guarantee, giving you ample time to test it out.

A Sport Betting Pro and Stats Doctor Reveals How To Win 97% Of Your Sport Bets!


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