Hey You Can Be A Writing Whiz – Earn Money By Marketing Your Articles

If you want to write or currently are a writer, you can put together a short peppy story, make it snappy, yet the article is full of useful information, then the Web may be your perfect home. For reasons which are merely anatomical, the majority of web surfers can or will not read long stuffy articles with gripping text-rich paragraphs. But what they are after is short crisp, concise information, and if you are able to provide it, then this is for you.

But how exactly do you let the entire virtual world know that you can write up a storm? And how can anyone also know that you’re willing to offer your penmanship services as an excellent article writer?

The key is obviously to market your goods by showing off your articles. But if you don’t have the time to send out dozens upon dozen of emails to prospective clients, or can’t spend the hours designing a website, what else can you do to get hired?

The main key is to write one, yes just one, featured ground-breaking article, and make sure you include your info in the resource box.

A resource box will contain your personal information about you, and is usually at the end of your article. But to make the Web readers curious, you’ll have to make the resource box loaded with pertinent information. Hopefully, clients will be wanting to hire you after they have read the first five words of it.

So what you should include your resource box?


• Obviously your name – but not your full birth name if it is long, but the name that you want on the checks, and how you’d like request letters to be addressed. Often, online authors will rely too much on their email addresses and will often forget to put their real names down.

• Give out your website address, if you have a website or professional blog. Direct your readers and prospective clients to samples of your writing style

• Make your marketing and sales pitch – which is a 1 to 3 sentence proposal, that will show readers what makes your writing unique. Some marketing experts will refer to this as a unique selling proposition, or the USP. Others will call it the “Elevator Pitch,” or what you would tell a client if you were both caught for a few minutes together in the elevator

The key is making your pitch in just a few words… words that makes you special.

• Make a decisive call to action by inviting readers to visit your website or blog and hire you on as a writer. This can be done in a single sentence, telling prospective clients that you are the writer for the job

• Make sure your contact information is correct. Give your professional email addresses, and nothing else. Anything else will not reflect well on your credibility as a writer. So stick to yourname @ youremailprovider.com (Yahoo or GMail are also acceptable). If you don’t have such an address, get one.

So using your real name and your real email address are not only professional, they are a lot more easier for your busy clients to remember.

If you follow these writing rules when making your resource box – that is, keeping it short and directly to-the-point, then you should be getting a lot of clients that will be clamoring for your services. All you need to do is advertise and market frequently, and make your writing shine.


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