Hey You – ‘Manifest A Miracle’ – It’s Your Life, Why Don’t You Take Charge Of It

How to... Manifest a Miracle

Every single day there are millions of people just like you that let their inner fears and demons literally rule their lives and it stops them from creating and moving forward towards living the life of their dreams, the life they deserve, the life they’ve built their education towards. There is no doubt denying that it’s a scary proposition to step out of ones comfort zone and start think out of the ‘box’. But once you step up and challenge your fears and then take action on them, you can then attain the great things you’re destined to be.

    Here Are 8 Tips To Make That Happen:

1. Make Your Greatest Dreams Come True
Imagine for once that you can be, can do, and can have absolutely everything that you’ve ever wanted in your life. You can vision how you can transform your life to achieve all that you’ve ever wanted in the very near future and see how is it different from the life that you live today. Once you have identified and pinpointed your exact dreams and goals, then you can take the final steps to make them come true, you can set your life up to play the ultimate end game.

2. But You Have To Make A Decision And Take Action
For each and every decision and action that you take, whether good or bad, you exert a force of power that will shape and change your life. It’s unfortunate that at times instead of you pursuing to create a path to your own empowerment, that you will often blame the choices you make in your life on things that have absolutely nothing to do with you. You have to understand you have the full absolute power and control over your own personal actions. Notice that your life changes, at times ever so subtlety, with every decision that you make, no matter how small the move. Take full responsibility for your decisions so that you can shape and take control of your ultimate path. Don’t let anyone persuade you based on their values which may not always be true.

3. Exercise Your Right And Power To Choose
Simply just sitting there and dreaming big dreams will not immediately change your life; but rather, it is what you choose to do with these dreams that is vitally important. The right side of your brain, the creative side is the dream maker, it is the thinker, so maintain and nourish these dreams and transfer them to be useful by using the logical side of the equation that is your left brain. The most successful people in the world has learned how to effectively use both sides of the brain to create and then take action on them. So in order for you to take action on your dreams, the left hemisphere of the brain has to fully believe that the dream is logically and sanely within the realm of possibility. Only then can your subconscious mind solve the mystery of taking action and help you make the dream happen.

4. Form Your Own Support Team
Enroll people that you admire in your dreams, people, anyone you admire and respect who can help you attain your goals. A lot of people often find it difficult to accept this type of help. They feel and think they are smart enough so they should be able to do everything that has to be done themselves, or they simply feel obligated to someone for their assistance. Always remember, no person is or should be an island. No one, how educated or smart they may be, can come up with or has all the answers. And if you receive help, there are numerous ways to pay them back, start with a simple ‘Thank You’. If you discover this support system early in the your process, then your life journey will be a lot more fun, profitable and rewarding!

5. Don’t Forget To Keep Score
It is crucial you keep track of the progress you are making and decide whether where you presently are is where you projected where you should be. Learn and grow from your successes as well as failures and determine what type of additional work you need to achieve your goals.


6. Establish Some Type Of Baseline Or Starting Point
The baseline or starting point is where you are now at this present moment; it is ground zero, where you begin. With all that you have thought of and have built and planned, it is now the time to move forward. If something happens to interrupt your forward progress, you will then need to take inventory and evaluate what went wrong, make some new adjustments, and then start moving forward again.

7. Know Your End Game Where The Final Goal Line Is
The goal line, the end game to all of this is your final desired outcome. As you set your focus on a long-term goal, do not forget the short-term goals or bridges that you will have to create to get you there. Setting and attaining these small goals will help in giving your self confidence a bit of a boost and will also keeps you motivated to continue towards reaching your long-term goals.

8. Always Reward Yourself
Kudos and congratulations from others are always great, but it is also important to pay attention to yourself by reward yourself. Write down on paper what type of reward you will give yourself when you reach that certain goal and achieve it… and don’t feel guilty about it. Take that long planned exotic vacation in the sun that you’ve dreamed about for so long, or go buy something special just to remind you of your success.

The absolute thrill of this game we call life is charting and planning a course, a plan, then facing the challenges that are due to occur, head on, and carrying them through to the end regardless. Sometimes you will win, sometimes you won’t. Either way, when you focus your life on the big picture and absolutely refuse to let the mistakes you are bound to make let you down, then you will create a future that will be filled with possibility. So live your life to the fullest, all in the present moment, and take advantage of everything thrown your way to finally achieve your vision.

How to... Manifest a Miracle

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