Ho Ho Ho… Who Cares About The Economy This Christmas Season… Spending And Consumption Is Still High

Do you know or realize how many actual turkeys are feasted on during the Christmas holiday season? Here are some interesting facts regarding the excessive volume of fowl eaten, how many xmas cards are sent, and much more stats you really don’t care about.

Christmas Cards
Everyone still enjoys sending and receiving Christmas cards in the mail right? Heck yes, its a long standing tradition. So how many of these paper cards, envelopes with stamps get send every season? The trusty mail service estimates there are approximately 2.1 billion of these Christmas cards sent just in the United States alone. These are to friends and relatives, other family members, and friends, making Christmas and the holidays the number 1 card sending frenzy period of the year, followed of course by Valentine’s Day.

Christmas Packages In The Mail
UPS annually expects to deliver 340 million pieces and this year is no exception. The busiest day which is sometime in December, is expected to reach 22 million deliveries, which equals 250 packages being tracked and delivered every second during that day.

Everybody Loves Turkey
There are currently around 65 million of these turkeys that’s consumed in the United States through the holiday season, not counting Thanksgiving. Did you also know that works out to around 3.7 pounds of turkey consumed by every American each year! So there’s no wonder you think you’re stuffed and tired of turkey once Christmas is over. There’s a good reason why.

Light Up That Christmas Tree
If you still go traditional and lug that freshly cut tree home, please keep this in mind… There are now over 22 million Christmas specific trees that are cut annually in the U.S. every year, with the state of Oregon being the largest producer. These xmas tree farmers harvest and then retail approximately $500 million from the sale of these freshly cut trees. There is also now over $80 million worth of artificial Christmas trees imported from overseas. The good news for tree huggers is that artificial Christmas trees have actually being outselling real live fresh trees annually since 1991.

Put On Those Christmas Tree Ornaments
China and other Asian countries are the largest manufacturer and thus exporters of Christmas ornaments and lights which total over $575 million between January and September. Those little snow angels and other sparkling trinkets are apparently purchased year-round for retailers in North America to have enough supply when Christmas rolls around.


Deck The Halls With Decorating
Most malls as well as large box stores now actually begin decorating the day after Halloween for the holiday season. Christmas music blares out the speakers putting you in the festive mood early.

Holiday Shopping Despite The Economy
Holiday gift buying is still expected to hit $453 billion this year, regardless of the economy or the pocketbook pinch. The month of December alone accounts for approximately 15% to 20% of the retailers yearly sales, this with the exception of jewelry stores, which is higher at 25%. Most Americans will still expect to spend on average, $690 on gifts again like they do every holiday season. Black Friday, which is the last Friday of November, is the largest retail sales day of the year, with approximately $9 billion worth of sales on that day, and over $17 billion for that Thanksgiving weekend. The highest areas of spending is the Northern States such as New England while the South is once again expected to spend a little bit less.

Toys For All The Kids
Approximately 52% of shoppers this Christmas is expected to purchase some type of toy this year, with Elmo or Barbie and electronic video games, as usual being the most sought after products.

Christmas And Holiday Music
The most popular and thus frequently played Christmas song is still “Jingle Bells”, with the famous “White Christmas” running a very close second. The legendary Bing Crosby’s “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” is still the #1 selling Christmas tune/single of all time.

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