Holding A Grudge Is Your Own Personal Mental Trap – Not Mine

Holding a grudge or disliking someone to the point of treating them unfairly, without respect, relevance or justification only hurts you. It’s probably for something unimportant that still to this day continues to hurt you. Well, its a one way street. People cannot be controlled with your thoughts unless you are extremely gifted. So by continuing to forever hang on to those thoughts, all you are doing is harming yourself. When you hold a personal grudge, feel some type of injustice that happened in the past, carry a hate against something or someone, you are actually holding it against yourself, and you look ridiculous doing so. Your negative thoughts or emotions towards them for whatever they did, will never impact their lives, only yours. Sometimes to the point of failing health.

Throughout your life you may of felt hurt, or wrong that may of happened, but you alone only control how you choose to feel and react to it. Keep in mind that people can influence you, but you are the only one that can decide how you are going to react to it, and behave.

We also need to be cautious by not making quick judgments! One thing that bothers is being unfairly accused of something that you didn’t do, and not knowing why that person holds a grudge against you. You know that feeling…of helpless, to the point you don’t care.

As children, kids always poke fun at the each other, siblings, or the neighborhood kids walking down the street. When you feel someone did something wrong or injustice to you, people deal with these situations and circumstances differently. Some have an easy going nature and can let most things go away pretty easily. For others, although it may take a while, even years, they should just let it rest. There are some however who just cannot seem to ever let that happen. These are smart, bright individuals with successful careers who feel they have to compete for a living instead of creating and helping others. These people are those who have a hard time forgiving and or forgetting, and they tend to hold on to grudges until it gets unhealthy for them.

There Are Reasons People Hold On To Grudges
For some, it’s all about the intention. I personally do not stay mad about anything for long. Get mad, get it out of your system and move on. If you feel that someone intentionally did something to upset or hurt you, then you may feel justified to just let it go. For others, obvious personal malicious intent is a reason not to forgive someone. But is it really worth it?

Holding a grudge of any kind is just not worth it. Most do not realize the negative effect that it has on their lives. Just let it go, it’s not easy but the right thing to do and the best decision you can make. If you chose not to do so, you will live a miserable life until you do. While you sit around moping and fussing and just being mad, the person who offended you just doesn’t care. You are solely making yourself miserable and angry while they most likely do not even remember the situation. They have moved on with their lives, but you’re still fixated on the past.


Holding on to the past can have its consequences. Besides the fact it makes you unhappy, the stress alone will take a toll on your health. You’ll never be happy unless you let go of the past. The past, like many things in your life is beyond your control. Accept those things that you can’t control, and change the things that you can.

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