How Abhishek Made $9127 From Adsense In One Month

Ok, so is this another over hyped ebook trying to capitalize on the senstion that is Adsense. This latest offering from Matt Callen promises.. Well surprise.. How you can make more money using Adsense… And yes.. with hardly no experience at all.

But Matt Callen, unlike some other internet marketing experts who resell recycled crap and mass email their promotions of their new products, has put together a well-written ebook that’s interesting, informative and easy to read and offers some new and interesting ideas.

The ebook is called Adsense Advantage. This is 47 pages of how one guy made $9127 in just one month from Adsense… this, just a few months after starting his Adsense business.

So What is The Adsense Advantage?

The guy and case study in question… is Abhishek Agarwal, who is a eBay powerseller in India. He was looking for alternative ways to earn yet more money with less effort. Gee who doesn’t. Although Abhishek has eBay experience, he had no prior experience with Adsense until November of 2006. In three months since he started… as documented in the ebook, he was making around $300 a day.

Matt shows screenshot proof of earnings that Abhishek was earning in October 2006, this prior to trying out his HyperVRE system of creating Adsense niche websites. Abhishek also describes his method for finding hot niches and then creating keyword lists and websites based on them.

The HyperVRE system is available as a free download for anybody to try, Abhishek went ahead and purchased the Gold version which has a number of benefits (including RSS feeds) that help the search engines to see fresh content each time they visit. He was also using PPC advertising to draw traffic… which he does not disclose, to earn the $9127 figure as mentioned.


In the ebook, he gives useful tips about choosing niches and Adsense paying keywords to monetize, as well as what resources to use and how to create an outline of your site. He will walk you through building a site, step by step around a particular niche – which is helpful if you’ve never done this kind of thing before and don’t know where to start.

You can download and read his story for Free.. (PDF) "How Abhishek Agarwal Made $9127 In Nothing But Adsense Income… With Absolutely No Success In The Past"

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