How Become An Instant Author – Private Label Rights (PLR) Membership For Free

Selling your own products online is obviously without a doubt, one of, if not the best ways to make money online. It instantly puts YOU in the driver’s seat. It gives you authority as an author as well as you earning 100% of the profits.

But you know that not everyone has the time or the skills to become a great writer. If you are like a lot of the internet marketers out there, your palms and forehead start sweating at the thought of doing time consuming research on a specific subject or writing your own articles and ebooks.

So if this is you, then there is a solution. That alternative, without a doubt that every marketer is now utilizing is (PLR) or Private Label Rights content.

So What Are Private Label Rights?
Private label rights branded material automatically gives you total 100% rights to online products such as: articles, software applications, reports and eBooks. PLR gives you total absolute control to do what ever you like, which is different from “resell rights”, where you are only granted the rights to resell the product, but not alter it in any way. Private label rights allows you total control to change or even completely rewrite the product in any way you want and claim it as your own by identifying yourself as the author.

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Why Private Label Rights Material Should Be Rewritten
Most PLR products are sold in mass quantity or at times, the quality or style of writing is not what you like or want. For this reason, it is recommended that you rewrite and edit all PLR material to suit you style. Also, Google and other search engines has a quality content measure will they can detect “duplicate copy” material. You do not want the exact “word for word” PLR article that will be published by 200 other authors who has purchased the same PLR product. So rewrite it.


With PLR Private Label Rights material, what you receive is niche centric content that you can immediately claim as your own. The time consuming slug work, such as the topic research and subject matter is already done for you.

One of the best PLR sites out there.. and it has a Free membership is PLRWholesaler.
Here are some of the benefits you will receive as a member…

– Niche orientated articles that you can immediately use on your website, blog or newsletter or simply submit to article directory’s (rewritten of course)

– Complete concise niche ebooks that are ready to sell – you just have to brand them with your name and start selling! Most include pre-written professional Sales pages.

– Pre-made graphic headers and banners for creating eye catching sites

– Audio based articles, mini-courses and reports, Niche orientated WordPress themes etc!

Receive all this PLR material now… and remember it’s FREE!
=> Receive Top Quality Private Label Rights Products For Free! Value: $197

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