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So we have all been to the local gigantic movie theatre, waited in line, bought golden popcorn and sat and watched in a crowded theatre. We have also drove down to the local video outlet and rented the latest release videos to fill our evening entertainment. Some of us may have even rented our favorite flicks through vendors such as Netflix, who will mail DVD’s right to your door.

How Do I Download Movies
But, the best alternative is to legally download our favorite movies straight onto our computers? Movie download sites are becoming mainstream and revolutionizing the manner in which we watch our favorite movies.

Movie Downloads. 100% Legal. No membership fees.

There are however just a few nuances to be aware of when downloading movies:
• Movie Selection – If you are going to pay for the privilege, obviously go with a source that will give you access to as many movie titles as possible. CinemaNow is an excellent site that showcases every film genres, from new releases, action, foreign, indie and animated films.

• Make sure the movie download service has a simplified and quick download process for the movies. Movie files are obviously gigantic, sites like CinemaNow allow you to transfer the data straight from their website onto your computer and you can even burn it on a DVD to watch on your regular TV. Some, like Movielink, will provide you with additional software to assist in the download process.

• Watch for Pricing Plans offered by the various movie download services. iTunes as well as CinemaNow will allow you to download their movies on an individual pay-per-view basis, while other sites such as Total Vid allows members to download unlimited movies on a monthly membership basis.


• Make sure that the service provides high-resolution files. You do not want an unclear fuzzy picture. Some vendors such as iTunes require adequate video RAM capacity and high screen resolutions to ensure a clear digital viewing experience.

Movie Downloads. 100% Legal. No membership fees.

Downloading movies on your computer is the most convenient way to watch your favorite flick. CinemaNow even allows you to burn the film files onto a MP3 player or DVD.

How Do I Download Movies Using CinemaNow
CinemaNow is one of the best and most reliable online destinations for downloading movies as well as TV shows and concerts. You can rent or buy the movies, stream free videos, or even burn movies onto your DVD on your computer and then watch it on your big screen TV! You can start watching the flicks instantly or download now and watch later.

All of CinemaNow’s downloads are completely legal with licencors including: 20th Century A&E, Disney, Lionsgate, Miramax, Paramount and Warner Bros just to mention a few.

CinemaNow offers movies on a pay-per-view or rental basis providing their customers a full 24 hours to watch the movie. Their movie rentals are affordable at $1.00 to $3.99 per movie. There is no subscription fees, no membership or late fees.

Movie Downloads. 100% Legal. No membership fees.

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