How Do I Start A Business Properly or 19 Tips on What Not To Do When Starting A Business

So you are wondering, how do I start a business of my own. A lot of would be entrepreneurs who wants to start their own small business spend all of their time planning their corporate structure, getting the required permits and licenses, setting up bank accounts, and do all of the other small business nuances before they actually figure out whether they actually have a product or service that someone will buy.

The first step when you ask… How Do I Start A Business … as the old saying goes is, do not to quit your day job. Not until you’ve talked to actual potential buyers and has actually committed to pay for your product or service. 90% of the time, what you thought was going to be a big seller in the marketplace turns out to be a dud, and then you have to go back to the drawing board regarding your product. If you’ve spend all of your time and savings establishing your corporate presence, there will not be any money left to pay yourself when you have to go back to stage one.

In addition to not immediately quitting your day job, here’s a list of 19 things on “How Do I Start A Business” Correction… 19 things on what NOT to do before starting a business:

1. Do not quit your day job. Already discussed.
2. Do not incorporate your business right away. The majority of all small businesses are sole proprietorships, and are make money.
3. Do not get a corporate business bank account. Your personal banking account will do just fine if someone wants to write you a check, or if you need to buy something.

How Do I Start A Business Article

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