How To Avoid Having Clogged Arteries! A Simple Natural Cure That Works

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Heart disease is one of the most fatal diseases in the world, specifically in North America. Every single person, men and women, has either had some type of heart disease or knows someone who did or is about to get heart disease. This is because the fact is, almost every single person at some stage of their lives will develop a heart problem. You see, when we were first born, our arteries are completely open and the blood distributes freely without complications. As we grow older, as time passes, plaque, like sludge on a rusty pipe, begins to build up on our artery walls, making the artery openings smaller and smaller causing the flow of blood to be restricted. Then the arteries gets to the point of being so clogged, that the blood flow becomes totally restricted. This is when some people will begin to experience chest pains, fatigue, shortness of breath, poor circulation causing cold feet and hands, forms of diabetes, some memory loss, weight gain, mood swings, depression, loss of motivation etc…

Anyone who has had these symptoms is a victim of the current food industry, as well as a lack of knowledge of what to eat and what not to eat. You see, clogged arteries do not just happen overnight. It takes years and years to build up and to develop clogged arteries to the point where you may need some type of bypass surgery.

No one should develop clogged arteries to this point where some type of surgery is required. All it really comes down to is the multinational drug and food companies and the medical industry in general that wants you to be sick. That is obviously where their profits are. If everyone were completely healthy, these large drug companies as well as the entire medical health care industry would go out of business.

The main reason why your arteries get clogged is quite simple. In your blood, you have cholesterol. This cholesterol will only cling on and attach itself to your artery wall only when your arteries are damaged. One of the biggest scares out there to the public, is making you think that having high cholesterol is bad.

Did you know that the Number 1 selling drug in the world is… Lipitor, which is a drug that reduces cholesterol. The amount of cholesterol in your body does not dictate your chances of getting hearth disease, or clogged arteries, or even a heart attack. The cholesterol that’s in your bloodstream is absolutely harmless and actually rather healthy for you. The only time that cholesterol will stick to your artery wall is when the artery is not healthy but damaged.

So What Causes Arteries To Be Damaged?
The Three Main Reasons Are:

1. Chlorine that’s in the drinking water. When you drink tap water, or even take a shower, or go swimming in water that’s chlorinated, you are damaging your arteries.
2. Trans Fats and Hydrogenated oils. These products are man made. The majority of margarine’s are 100% hydrogenated oil. In fact, almost every single item in your grocery store contains hydrogenated oil. These trans fats are absolutely deadly to your arteries and health. They will severely damage your arteries. The FDA is even finally admitting that there are dangers in trans fats.
3. Dairy Products which are Homogenized. The homogenization process, which was only developed to increase profits for your supermarket, makes dairy products, like milk, almost a deadly poison. This process makes the molecules resident in dairy products so small, they severely damage the arteries. It’s not the fat in dairy products that’s bad, it’s the homogenization process that’s the problem.


Avoid most food products which are man made, like skim milk as apposed to whole milk. Remember that the scientific process is much inferior to mother nature. Drinking whole milk is a lot healthier than drinking low-fat or skim milk, provided its not homogenized.

So these are the three main factors that cause arteries to get damaged. Even if you presently have absolutely low amounts of cholesterol, the cholesterol will naturally attach itself to your artery walls, causing them to block the arteries and thats when the problems start.

Another unknown fact is that it actually takes up to 20 to 30 years for your arteries to get clogged to the point you may require bypass surgery. So it obviously happens slowly over time. There are inexpensive test you can perform to find out if your arteries are open or if they are beginning to get clogged.

So Whats The Simple Natural Solution?
There are several easy tests that are available that will show the amount of blood that flows throughout your body, your veins and your arteries. The natural cure is… chelation, which is available in two types: oral chelation or intravenous chelation.

There are a variety of natural health companies that sell oral chelation products. They should be all natural, and they are safe and inexpensive. You simply take these pills or tablets and they will slowly begin to reopen your arteries and will increase circulation in your body. If your condition is severe, you may need intravenous chelation.

You can almost guarantee that this will will begin to open up your clogged arteries, and the conditions that go along with it. If you want more proof, go Google, “chelation”, and you will find a variety of unbiased additional information, and a whole host of products which are available.

Every one should call their doctor or health care practitioner and ask them to test to see how open your arteries are. Once tested, you will most likely be surprised how clogged they may be. You can re-open them by using natural chelation products and therapy. Your symptoms will be reduced, your energy levels will increase and you may even lose weight.

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