How To Boost Your Metabolism Rate – Build Lean Muscle And Eat More

So one of your goals in life should be better health, and one of the key ingredients to that is to boost your metabolism rate. It should be something that almost any healthy individual should be aiming for and achieving everyday. Raising and thus having a higher metabolism rate can increase the amount of calories and energy your body burns on a daily basis. Without optimizing your metabolic rate, the body automatically store excess calories, which turns into fat for future use. The issue with most people is they never use up these excess calories and that results in struggles with their weight.

There are a lot of factors that affects a person’s metabolism. They include: body weight and type, age, hormonal changes; specifically in women, muscle mass or the lack of it, type of diet, stress, genetics and the type and amount of physical activity you get on a daily basis. Boosting your metabolic rate involves a lot of factors, and will become relatively easier once you have a plan and are committed to sticking with it.

The key is to have a set course of action to raise your metabolic rate and religiously keeping it on course. Once you realize a breakthrough, that will allow you to feel better about yourself, enjoy your day more and have that extra time and energy to spend with your friends or kids. The end result usually is a combination of eating more of the right foods and actually doing less of the monotonous and strenuous cardio type of exercises, while at the same time losing weight and fat and sustaining your true body weight.

So Here Are Some Steps To Boost Your Metabolism
To begin with, you will need to understand what and how your metabolism works. In a nutshell, every one has their own personal metabolic rate, their own clock speed in which the body will consume or burns energy. This is regulated by the body sensing how much calories to burn to allow your body to function properly.

By function… means the body’s personal biological processes of: circulation, digestion, respiration etc. This is known as the body’s basal metabolic rate or BMR.

If there is any additional activity or burning of calories through exercise, etc. its considered additional to the BMR. Whether you gain or lose weight is always determined by your metabolism rate.


Your basal metabolic rate is also affected by other factors as discussed and the BMR declines naturally as you grow older. The good news is the lost BMR rate can be elevated doing the following:

Raising Your BMR Rate
Build Leaner Muscle Mass

Unlike fat, muscles are metabolically active, and because of that, burns calories when you are resting. So the more muscle mass you have on your body, the more calories you will burn doing any type of activity.

So by you participating in a regularly scheduled strength training program, you can automatically elevate your metabolism rate effectively and naturally, while enjoying the benefits of increased strength, tone and improved overall cardio fitness.

Perform High Intensity Workouts On A Regular Basis
There is a direct correlation of a higher metabolism rate as a result of a strict high-intensity training program as compared to a slower, more methodical workout.

A person who say performs a slow 30-minute jog will burn an x number of calories during that run, and a certain amount directly after that run.

However, the same person will burn the same amount of calories if they run for just 20 minutes at a higher intense rate, as the body is pushing itself to a higher level. This also results in the body to take longer to cool itself down afterwards. This also usually results in more calories burned in the first hour after the intense run.

Why Eat Multiple Meal During The Day
When you have a good nutritional breakfast and then consume healthy meals which are scheduled at regular intervals throughout the day, your metabolism will increase each and every day for your body to digest the food. For example, say you eat the exact amount of food on two different days. On the 1st day, you only have two large meals while on the 2nd day you have five smaller meals of the same foods. You will burn more calories on the 2nd day.

By also making sure that you eat well balanced nutritional foods with good protein, carbohydrates and fat, you’ll improve the effect even more.

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