How to Build a Tag Cloud Page For Your WordPress Blog

What is a Tag Cloud?

A tag cloud is a weighted visual keyword list of content tags used on your website or blog. Popular or more frequently used tags are displayed in a larger font and tags are also displayed in alphabetical order. You or your visitor can find a tag by alphabet and by popularity. Selecting and clicking a single tag within a tag cloud will lead you to a collection of posts and articles within your blog that are associated with that specific tag cloud word.

Creating A Tag Cloud Page On Your Blog

First create a new page in your WordPress admin area. The only page created is the “About” page which is automatic with WordPress. In your WordPress admin, click Manage> then click Pages and then create a new page and name it Tags or Tag Cloud.

Next, download the Ultimate Tag Warrior Plugin. After installing the plugin, modify the options available and then insert the following code on your “Tag” page.

<?php if (is_page('Tags'))
{ UTW_ShowWeightedTagSetAlphabetical( "coloredsizedtagcloud","",0);
} ?>

All tags that you add will be displayed on the tag page.


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